Photography: Hello, again

As you have (or probably not) noticed, I haven't been very active on Steemit. Since I finished my master's degree, I just wanted to "stop", stop myself of being constantly doing stuff. I just wanted to relax and feel my mind clear and not thinking about a million things at the same time.

While I was gone, @namiks and I had the most incredible 3 weeks of holidays, first in England and after in Spain. We basically did two of our favourite things, food and photography. The photograph from this post was taken during that time and it has that summer vibes. It's from one day that we ended in the beach after a whole day walking. We even had to stop at a McDonalds to hydrate ourselves. It's kind of dirty, I guess from the lens not being cleaned properly, whoops.

After that, I went to Japan. YEAH JAPAN. It has been an incredible travel and I just want to go back again. I can't wait to get the rolls developed and the photos edited.

But after holidays, hard times begin again. Not super hard but after all my education, is time for me to start looking for a proper job. I'll keep you updated about my "looking for a proper job without being exploited" experience, and wish me luck :)

Btw, the photo was taken with a Nikon F-80 in Pro Image 100 film.


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Welcome back!

It is, indeed, kind of dirty to hydrate at a MC Donalds.

I don’t mind the dirt on the lens though ;>)

Congratz with finishing your thesis and good luck finding a job.

Perhaps you can find one on the blockchain ;>)

Un abrazo!

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27.08.2019 19:30

HAHAHA XD I have to recognise that the McDonalds was pretty decent but the lens must be cleaned soon!!!

Thank you very much Vincent! I hope I can give good news soon :) Un abrazo!

27.08.2019 22:25

Heyy, welcome back!

Good timing, since the Hard Fork 21 (ie. another Steem software update) just went live, which means that everyone has 2.5 free downvotes per day in their use that decrease voting power. So if you come across some abusive behavor like plagiarism, don't hesitate to press the red button :)

People are already taking action downvoting some of the stuff that's unproportionally large in rewards on Trending because of bid bot abuse.

It is #newsteem from now on :)

PS. Don't forget to use 'creativecoin' tag in the future. It is a community focusing to reward all creative content (like photography among other things) with their own token. <- that's their front-end
Oh, and #photography has also its own community nowadays, but you use the tag already, so you are earning tokens without even realizing it :D

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28.08.2019 02:27

Thank you very much for the info! I'll have it on mind from now on :)

28.08.2019 19:38