Hello steam Cameroon, This is my first session of the challenge and I'm presenting and entry post which took place on a Wednesday 14/04/2021.
Two of my apprentices sent me a sample of a cake job they did and was able to deliver individually. when I saw the cakes I was so happy. At that moment, I could flash back to my days of little beginnings. I had no mentorship, i was on my own, i made alot of mistakes with no one to correct me. i couldn't afford to pay for an advanced class in cake making, it was just me and YouTube. Then I thought to my self, when will I ever leave this stage I'm in.
Look at me today, small me of yesterday, having apprentices and I'm so proud of all of them.

my apprentice Vivian
I was do happy and proud of my self. God had brought me this far

my apprentice Lucy.
I look forward to better days. never give up on anything you do. consistency is the key and with time results will come.


This day is the best day for me because I feel so motivated to press on

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