FRUITS AND VEGGIES MONDAY | A day at the local fruit market

One of my top favorite places to go is a trip down to the local wet market every Sunday morning. I know it may not be in anyone's list but in mine, it is. Maybe it's the sight of all those fruit fruits, vegetables and meat that I can find and buy.

In HCMC, the wet market is located 5 mins by car away and is located behind Pearl Plaza Apartment. Not the usual place where you would find a wet market but if I was staying there, I would definitely drop by the market daily.


Items for sale are all placed on the streets; on both left and right side. Pedestrians like me walk along to buy their daily groceries. However, majority come on their motorbikes and drive along the streets; stopping only to trade and move on. I guess that's common since everyone here uses motorbikes to travel.

There are only several fruit stalls in the wet market but they sell at good price and fresh too. I tend to only buy fruits that is familiar to me.


Today, it's pomelo for me. Did you know that this fruit is grown in Vietnam as such it's a very common fruit for the locals. It can be eaten raw or served in their local snacks. Definitely nutritious and sweet if you get the ripe ones. I don't buy the whole fruit instead I choose the buy the ones already opened up and cut out from the fruit. Much easier to eat and at least I can finish it up rather than a whole fruit.


I'll definitely share more in my next post. Hope you enjoy my photo taken from my Huawei


Come & join FRUITS & VEGGIES MONDAY by @lenasveganliving
• Take and post at least 3 photos of fruits and vegetables. (It can be variety or just one kind from the garden, supermarket or anywhere you wish, PLANT BASED RECIPES ARE WELCOMED).
• One entry only!!!
• Text must be at least 100 words.
• Use hashtag #fruitsandveggiesmonday
• Mention the creator @lenasveganliving, the host @plantstoplanks and the title FRUITS AND VEGGIES MONDAY

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22.07.2019 01:13

All that fruit looks fantastic! I would want a little bit of each. I do tend to stick with my favorites sometimes, but then again I love pretty much all fruit so I can't pick just one! I actually haven't had pomelo in a while, so I'll have to see if I can find some soon. Thanks so much for jumping in this week! Make sure to drop a link to your entry on the contest post here:

22.07.2019 13:46

Thanks so much..
I always seemed to forget to drop the links..

22.07.2019 14:59

No worries! Happy to put out a reminder. :)

22.07.2019 16:05

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22.07.2019 15:55

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Have a nice day and sincerely yours,

22.07.2019 16:04

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25.07.2019 20:16

Thank you so so much..
This is so unexpected !!

26.07.2019 14:46

You are very welcome my Dear 🍍😊🍉

26.07.2019 23:36