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PayAccept = blockchain technology

In recent years, the popularity of Bitcoin is on the rise and is the talk of many people. Bitcoin is an example of cryptocurrency or digital currency. In today's digital era, using digital currency in virtual transactions is commonplace.

In fact, not a few people are interested in investing in cryptocurrency. Even though this investment is paying off, there are still signs that you need to pay attention to, for that I will review the PayAccept project.

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PayAccept is a blockchain based platform that is set to revolutionized the financial sector by introducing a decentralized platform to bring about swift transactions at no or minima transaction fees and most importantly to eradicate all form of intermediaries.

PayAccept network allow users to easily trade assets irrespective of the currency or denomination, whereby the traders (buyers and sellers) can decide which asset they prefer, such the trader A can send bitcoin to a client who requested for Euros. PayAccept adopts the latest digital management tech with three core standards of the platform:

Pay Token: The driving token of the PayAccept platform is designated as PAY, which will be used to effect transactions on the platform, cut off transaction fees to the bearest minimum as well as used about 25% of the fees generated on the platform to reward members on the platform.
Pay Card: With PayAccept Card, members can transact their assets in real life. The Pay Card can be funded instantly at the platform competitive rate, it's very flexible, available and usable globally as well as inbuilt EMV chip to enhance security on the card.
Payment on Sale (PoS): With the PoS set up, PayAccept is able to allow payments globally from crypto-to-dollar, thus avoiding high transaction fees.

The interface is already operational supporting over 50 various digital currency as well as fiat. The platform is highly scalable and permits frequent update to adopt any latest technology. The interface merits are itemized as:

  1. Adopt blockchain technology to prevent frauds
  2. The exchange is built to accept both fiat and digital currency
  3. Decentralized platform that makes it easy for traders to use.


  1. All forms of transactions are recorded and stored on the blockchain.
  2. Notifications for all transactions made
  3. Screen brightness can be easily adjusted as well as use of dark modes (should users want)
  4. Cold storage of users accept to avoid hacking
  5. Assets as well as private keys are in full control of the users
  6. A wonderful exchange built on great community audience
  7. Convertible gift cards to any form of digital currencies

Kindly take a glance at PayAccept marketing video:

Crowdsale address 0x1Fe72034dA777ef22533eaa6Dd7cBE1D80bE50Fa
Token symbol PAY or PAYT
Pre-ICO:June 12th, 2020 — July 1st, 2020 (50% bonus)
ICO: July 1st, 2020 — September 1st, 2020. The period can be extended!
Token Price (in ETH): 1 ETH = 1000 PAY
Public sale allocation: Mintable on top of current supply
Public vesting period: Not applicable, directly available after purchase
Soft- or Hard-cap: The soft cap is 1M PAY, hard cap on 15M
Token distribution: Instant
IEO To be announced, we are communicating with exchanges.

Token supply
Total supply Max 45M
Circulating Supply Available after IEO
5M Team, Marketing, Development, Partners, Advisors and Reserve Fund
5M Bounties, Promotions, and Airdrops
Public sale vesting period:
Team funds of 5,000,000 PAY are locked until Jan, with a slow release of 1,500,000 every six months.
Budget & Spending
30% Team and Market Management
30% Developments
25% Marketing & Awareness
15% Reserve

PAY Utility Token
Lower fees: Enjoy a discount on all transaction fees
Pay ECOsystem: Priority access to new features and information
Global VIP invitation: Participate in PAY’s forum and impact PayAccept strategy
PAYnodes: Use PAY to deploy a PAYnode (more information to be provided)
Crypto-Backed loans: Use PAY to unlock the savings & loan section
Airdrop: Receive free airdrops for listed coins and tokens
Discount: Deploy services on the PAY network with discount
PAY token utility will continue to be expanded as PayAccept grows.
After receiving the EMI license, PAY will convert this token into a share in the company.


Milestones achieved
April 14th, 2020 Establishment of PayAccept and Stichting PayAccept
April 22th, 2020 Launching the PAY token (ERC20) on the Ethereum blockchain
May 2nd, 2020 Launching of the PayAccept website
June 5th, 2020 PayAccept officially accepted as a EU brand name
June 12th, 2020 Start of the pre-ICO tokensale


Please keep in mind if the soft cap is not reached, we will not become an EMI, but provide only digital wallet services, without fiat gateways, and other financial instruments.
July 2020 ICO/IEO tokensale (can be extended)
August 2020 Preparing EMI license with legal advisors (softcap-only)
August 2020 Purchase of an existing bank (hardcap-only)
September 2020 Official launch of wallet on the PayAccept website
September 2020 Pre-registration for PayAccept Cards (Visa/Mastercard)
September 2020 Connecting with third party exchanges for trading of assets
September 2020 Start of integration with other financial institutes and banks
October 2020 Launch of mobile wallet on iOS and Android
October 2020 Launch own digital asset network with PayNodes
October 2020 Deploying first payment terminals and cards to end users
October 2020 PayAccept Integration with large merchants
October 2020 Expanding with minimum 20 financial and digital assets (softcap)
November 2020 Series A seed investment round
December 2020 DeFi Borrowing and Lending Launch
December 2020 Further worldwide expansion and services like Insurances
Note: The above months can change, since for some services a license is needed, and this can take longer than expected. Nevertheless, this is a global approximate timeline using which we are going to take the next steps.

Team, partners and Advisors
Christiaan van Steenbergen | Founder & CEO
Serial Entrepreneur from 2003 in telecom, fintech, software development, and investment industry. Established over 15 enterprises and co-founder of and lead developer of the NEXT blockchain.
Gleb Jout | Co-Founder & CSO
An entrepreneur with a strong business background and proven track record in management, communications, strategy, and leading diverse teams. Co-founder of

The interoperability and the use of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies have become easier now that a decentralized payment solution like PayAccept is there to help.

For more information about PAYACCEPT, click the following links:

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