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@worldsmile Income Graph until End of November 2021

50% for Charity Account : @adollaraday and @worldsmile

We really appreciate the support of members in sharing Rewards to the @worldsmile account so far so that we have been able to realize 3 programs in two countries, the first is supporting the construction of Manuel's house in Venezuela and the second has realized the construction of a Free Education Center in Indonesia, one of the programs. which is continuous, namely the support for Operational Education in Indonesia, which is located in Aceh Province.

This program can be realized thanks to the support from members, the hard work of the admins and moderators and the support of the Steemit Team, namely @steemcurator01. We have another big program and we are currently in the stage of raising funds, the world carbon program requires a large budget and we are trying to do it and are currently in the process of approaching the sector.

In this post, we want to show the percentage of wordsmile income until November, along with a graph of income in the form of SBD.


While in the next chart below I show a graph of TRX gains, try to pay attention to this below


We also show a graph of Steem Power gains to date, all of this was realized for your support. The most important thing is that we expect members to continue to support the Steem For BetterLife community program in the world Smile Project.


This publication is a form of notification to donors because you are very important to the sustainability of the Program in the future.


Cc: @pennsif

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