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Steemit, Business Opportunities and Post Curation Value Fluctuations

The steemit platform that adopts the blockchain technology system continues to grow based on the number of users, this is closely related to the rewards obtained from each published content. All users want curation of every hard work done, create creative, innovative content and continue to strive to join club100, club75 or club5050.


Becoming a part of the world of cryptography is one step to develop business potential, very few of the active internet users are aware of this business opportunity, and many of them tend to want to get something instant, so they are not sensitive to the decisions taken.

Investment Fraud Case

Fraud under the guise of investment is not only found in real businesses, but also in the digital world, various cases are often found which should serve as important lessons for users in investing. The tendency for fraud to occur in the name of investing in crypto cannot be separated from the lust factor.

Dok Media Indonesia

The question is what is the background so lust and trapped in a circle of deception often occurs. In general, it can be explained that lust without control can affect a healthy mindset, users are not able to use that mindset ideally, they seem to be influenced by certain news which states that the amount of profit obtained when depositing a number of coins.

Nowadays, many tokens circulating on certain internal market exchanges can be highlighted, not a few of them are lucky and in a very short time their value increases up to 1000%, but very many of them become blind investors, buy a number of tokens and then has no value at all.

I've experienced something similar, but in a different context. At the end of 2016 I was tempted to deposit a certain amount of BTC, the website is generally considered professional, has a faq, working mechanism and profit sharing, and even offers great benefits if you buy mining tools in the form of premium cards, gold or other types.



As an experiment I deposited 0.05 BTC, with the BTC value at that time of around IDR 40 million not a big value, I also made a profit of almost 40% of the asset. Humans are greedy, will never be satisfied with existing achievements. I also doubled my investment in the New Age Bank and several other friends with various deposit amounts. In just a matter of days, access to the website also experienced problems, until it was finally closed without a trace.

Business opportunities

Have you ever thought about business opportunities on steemit? I'm sure all users who have long-term targets will prepare themselves to make steem a product of the steemit platform as a promising business. Currently it can be seen from the intensity and consistency of users who continue to be in club100 or trying to become part of club100.


Being part of a club indirectly has dared to invest some steem into steem power, but the most important thing is how to make investment mapping. Investment mapping is based on market analysis, setting investment targets, setting market prices which are used as benchmarks in buying steem or converting them from SBD.

The boldest step is to buy coins on the free market as has been done by users in Korea, India and several other countries.

Doubt is the first step to failure in doing business, whatever it is, is it the property business, commodity business and other businesses in the real world, let alone digital businesses such as cryptocurrencies. It takes courage through proper analysis in long-term investing.

Post Value Fluctuation

The advantage of investing in steemit is curation, meaning that when you do 10,000 Steem, then provide curation to other users, at least you will get a reward of 2 steem per day, just imagine if the investment value reaches 100,000 or 1,000,000 steem. This of course will get a bigger reward.

You as a user certainly see this potential but to try to be a part of it, of course, it takes integrity and a clear investment vision about steem and the potential for unexpected profits.

Jepretan Layar 2022-03-25 pukul 15.36.46.png

Price fluctuations such as BTC, ETH and several other types of coins affect the selling value of other coins, if seen at the end of 2021 the value of 1 BTC if the exchange rate to IDR is almost close to IDR 1,000,000,000, as well as steem which is close to IDR 10,000 or sbd which is close to IDR 200,000 . Coin price fluctuations are closely related to the number of requests for coins on the exchange, such as the economic system. The level of scarcity of a number of goods due to high demand will result in higher value, and conversely low demand will encourage a decrease in the value of the price of these goods.

The impact of coin price fluctuations can also be seen from the post value, if when your post gets an upvote of $50, that value can decrease if the steem value continues to decline, even if it continues to decrease every day until the claim period, the value may decrease drastically to $40 or according to the percentage decrease of the coin against the dollar, and vice versa.

New users who take the initiative to continue investing Steem into their wallet accounts, don't need to worry because this is a normal thing, and if this condition can be used as investment time, it will be very profitable if one day its value continues to strengthen.

I always see that potential, save some SBD from the post rewards that I get and convert it into steem. This is the steem investment strategy that I implemented so that it continues to increase the strength of the account in the form of SP and add to the dolphins collection later

Cc: @pennsif

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