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Ideally Be an Active Steemit User - 50% Reward for Charity


As social beings, interaction is an integral part of life, because in the process of life the reciprocal relationship between individuals with one another is an inseparable part, as well as the community in general scope, and specifically in the steemit platform also adopts this , the interaction between users both within the community and between communities.

This post was released as a response to @steemcurator01 comments regarding the use of votes by users, here are the links and the sound of the comments:

You have only made 19 votes in the last 7 days.
Make sure you use all your votes to help other members of the community.
Comment Link

Jepretan Layar 2022-04-07 pukul 22.39.29.png

In relation to the comments above, I as a Steem For BetterLife Community admin and representing the Admin and community moderators would like to reiterate about Ideally Being an Active Steemit User. Actually, we have published several posts related to this in official publications, for example:

  1. Regarding the upvote entitled Why You Upvote Steemcurator01?
  2. Efforts to get the support of the Steemit Team published with the theme Do You Want Big Upvotes?
  3. Steemit Team Upvote Consistency and Support
  4. Official Announcement - Know, Obey and Do Your Actions at Club100, Club75 and Club5050
  5. Complete Steemit Etiquette Guide (Revision 2.0)

In the 4 posts above it has been indirectly mentioned about the guidelines for using Upvote and getting positive voice support from the Steemit Team through consistency, joining the club and continuing to improve the status of the club to be better from time to time.
However, on this occasion we will again expand our understanding of active users in more detail so that it can be used as a benchmark to become an ideal active user.

Ideally Be an Active Steemit User

Ideally, becoming an active user is not difficult because this has been applied by every individual as a social being, meaning that interaction becomes an inseparable part, for example the establishment of verbal, written communication either directly or using assistive media by utilizing information technology, in The steemit platform is also the same, interaction between users is needed so that the effectiveness on the platform continues to grow and become part of Steemit's growth.

1. Interaction

As in the description above, it has been mentioned that an important element in the steemit platform is interaction, this has been published by @steemitblog some time ago with the title Steemit Update [ April 4th, 2022 ] : Steemit Engagement Challenge - Applications Invited. Are you aware of the nature of this post, we view this as an opportunity for the community and users to be actively involved in providing comments that are relevant to the post. From this publication, it can be concluded that interacting with each other is a positive value for the Steemit Team so that as a user it is appropriate to apply it in this blockchain-based blog.

a. Comment

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Example Comments

How to leave comments on other users' posts? is this something important? The two questions above need to be explained that comments in other users' publications are a form of welcome, meaning that users who leave comments that match the content of the post become an important indicator to foster positive interactions, content creators will feel comfortable being in the community and will make the community who leaves commenters a place to be. comfortable as their own home.

Many users choose to leave the community for various factors, both in the form of curation support and the warm welcome from admins and moderators. These communities will experience a significant decrease in active posters over time.

b. Upvote

Jepretan Layar 2022-04-07 pukul 23.40.53.png

Example Upvote

The paradigm about upvotes needs to be straightened out and becomes the attention of all users, sometimes based on discussions either directly or indirectly with fellow platform users, the low SP that is owned is a trigger factor for not giving Upvotes to other users, they think that the upvotes given are just in vain because has no value at all.

This is a wrong perception in fact, no matter how much SP you have to give Upvote as a form of support for published content, the award becomes a motivation for users to continue to create better quality content in the future.

What is the ideal Upvote given per day? The ideal use of Upvotes refers to the percentage of upvotes given, for example if you curate 100% of each post, then you can vote for 10 different posts, this is done to encourage Voting Power recovery back to 100% in 1x24 hours. If it is based on Votong Power, use Voting Power not below 80% after curating.

c. Resteem

Jepretan Layar 2022-04-07 pukul 23.42.45.png

Example resteem

Furthermore, the influence of resteem on content also needs to be conveyed as educative information for users, basically resteem is an effort to publish certain posts that have educational elements and are worthy of reading by other users, this resteem activity can help posts republished to be read by your followers platform.

2. Power-Up

Jepretan Layar 2022-04-07 pukul 23.44.46.png

Example Power-Up

Power-Up is an important activity that must be considered by users so that users are not only oriented towards consumptive users who continue to make Cash Out, but become active users who encourage Steem economic growth on the exchange.

Power-Up activities are very beneficial for users, not only in the short-term period in the form of support from the Steemit Team if you have joined Club5050, Club75 or Club100, the most important thing is long-term benefits in the form of steem investment in the form of steem power which one time has a value beyond prediction, this is not impossible considering the increase in the price of steem has reached the price of IDR 100,000 or even more.

Strive to continue to improve club status through regular power-Up activities, if this week you have joined club5050, try to increase your status to club75 or become part of club100 without cashing out within 3 calendar months.

3. Up to Date and Creative

Following trending topics on the platform is an activity that must be done because indirectly users can understand the latest issues related to the platform, add useful information and this information can be used as capital to create creative and educational content that is worthy of reading by steemit users in general.

These are important steps that must be considered by users so that they can achieve the label of active and ideal users as expected, like building interactions in the real world as social beings.

Hopefully this post is useful for me as a writer and becomes a reference for other users, criticism and suggestions to build are highly expected for the perfection of content in the future.

Cc: @el-nailul @pennsif @heriadi @miftahuddin @klen.civil @sofian88 @maria4ve

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