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Hope Contest 9th Edition | How Much Steem Power do You Want to Achieve in These Two Months?


25% Reward For World Charity

Dears Steemians...!

In the 9th Edition of Harapan contest, I will carry a theme that is concentrated on Power-Up activities, this is in line with other contests that I have initiated related to Steem Investing & Power-Up However, in this 9th edition of the contest of hope, I would like to invite the contestants to describe the Steem Power Target that will be achieved in these 2 months (until May 2022).

As a Steem For Betterlife Community Admin, I would like to invite users to participate in this program to encourage the growth of the investment climate and PowerUp so that Steem becomes the prima donna coin on the exchange.

Contest Goals:

  1. Raise user awareness for the growth of the Steem Ecosystem
  2. Have short-term and long-term targets for Steem growth
  3. Cultivate PowerUp and Investment as an integral part of users.
  4. Making STEEM the Asset of the future.
  5. Increase Individual or Community Strength.
  6. Media Promo-Steem

Contest Writing Guide

  1. Write down your expectations for the achievements you will target until the end of May 2022
  2. Write Your Plan To Realize Your Dream
  3. Describe what types of activities you have done to realize these expectations.
  4. Attach your Power-Up activity in this year

Contest Rules

  1. Become a Steem Member For Betterlife Community (Joined #club100, #club75 or #club5050)
  2. Write a Title: "Hope Contest, and Your Entry Title".
  3. You must use #hopecontest and #worldsmileproject25pc tags among your 4 tags
  4. Post in the Steem For Betterlife Community
  5. Each participant's post must distribute 25% of the prize to @worldsmile
  6. Put your post link in the comments column of this post.

Contest prizes:

We do not guarantee contestants get upvotes from @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02 and Not vote @booming but we only provide prizes to the best 3 Contestants through prizes of 15 Steem Power and 15 TRX, respectively.

Contest Schedule :

This entry is valid from April 06 to 11, 2022

Thank you for your contribution to this contest, we hope that this will be the initial foundation to continue to drive the growth of Steem on the exchange through the consistency of users in realizing their dreams.

Best regards,@irawandedy

Cc: @pennsif @disconnect

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