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Club100 - Reviews on Beach & Culinary Tour | "Pantai Ungu" - Beautiful, Magnificent and Impressive


After carrying out the duties and responsibilities as the Covid-19 Vaccination Team for a week, this week because the vaccine stock was empty, I and my small family went on an adventure through a tourist location in North Aceh Regency. Although I've been to this place some time ago, but I want to feel again enjoying the panoramic view of the beach, breathing fresh air with the cool beach breeze. Tired also seemed to disappear into the earth.

The wide stretch of coast, calm sea, wind blowing, comfortable place, the availability of various types of economical food menus with delicious taste quality and children's playgrounds attract visitors to visit this place. "Purple Beach", like a snippet of the story I once told, about the name of a beach that is very distinctive and makes potential visitors curious.

Actually "Purple Beach" is not the name of the beach, but the name of one of the places that was built which is very identical to the color purple, when you enter the beach location, from a distance you can see a purple restaurant that is crowded with tourists.

If you enjoy sunset and sunrise, this is also a suitable place to visit, besides that there are rides for children's games such as merry-go-round, swings and clean sand as well as spots that can be captured in photos with the family.


Google Map: Gif Map Perekaman Layar 2022-03-13 pukul 18.07.15 (2).gif
what3words: Plus Codes: Perekaman Layar 2022-03-13 pukul 20.29.35 (2).gif

Here are some photos that I took in the afternoon and evening at the Purple Beach location

When Entering the Location at night, every corner is illuminated by purple lights One of the photo spots with a heart in the background, it looks like my son is sitting on a chair that is 1.5 meters high
This is one of the places where visitors can sit and relax on the second floor, the building is unique and comfortable to live in while enjoying the ordered food menu. The other side of the building is also illuminated by purple lights
My daughter is playing in the sand next to the main building, she is so happy and enjoying this holiday
Regarding the menu, of course there are many choices and the mainstay of the menu is fresh grilled fish which is directly taken from the pond which is not far from the beach. The following is a list of the menus that I photographed.


Based on my experience today, I highly recommend other visitors to be able to visit this place, it is based on:

  1. Friendly and satisfying service
  2. Various types of food are available
  3. The place is comfortable
  4. The price is cheap
  5. Delicious and feels like coming back for more later.
  6. Open from morning to 00.00 midnight

That's my first review about one of the tourist icons in North Aceh Regency, it's satisfying to be here from 17.30 to 20.30 at night.

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