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Club100 - Review Children's Playgound, Stimulate Children's Growth and Development by Playing

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Dear All...

The family is the most important part that must be a priority scale to stimulate their growth and development, because understanding the growth and development of children is an important aspect of parents. Basically the growth and development of children is not only oriented to their physical changes, being born, crawling and learning to walk and run.

But the other side that is very important is the development of children which includes changes in emotions, behavior, verbal and physical abilities as well as being able to adapt to other environments outside the home. Well, playing is a medium to train their brains so that interpersonal intelligence is formed.

Based on the above, in this post I will review one of the children's play centers in the city of Lhokseumawe, enjoy quality time with your little one by inviting him to play or taking him to the game center, inviting your little one to play is expected to build courage outside the home , interact with other children and try new things that have not been met.

Suzuya Mall is one of the places that provides a special room for children's games, for those of you who live around Lhokseumawe City and North Aceh Regency, I recommend this place as the right game center for them. Suzuya Lhokseumawe which is located at Jalan Samudera Baru No. 1, Simpang Empat, Banda Sakti, Lhokseumawe City is located in the city center so it is very easy to reach.

For those of you who are interested can visit this mall and go to the 2nd floor, after taking the escalator you will be able to find this place right in front of the elevator. You don't have to worry about costs because your little one can freely play there until they are satisfied only by paying IDR 80,000 or $5.5 and if it's converted to Steem, it's only about 13.5 Steem for 1 child and 1 caregiver. If there is an additional nanny you have to pay an additional fee of IDR 10,000 or around 1.1 steem.
Children who want to enter the rides are required to wear socks and if you don't bring them then you have to buy them at the reception when you register.

Here are some of the available game types that I've documented:


This pool is filled with colorful balls with a soft structure, children will be safe there and stimulate their sensory and motor nerve cells. My two kids really like this place, they spend quite a long time in this zone.


This large balloon designed in the shape of an octopus can withstand the load of up to 6 children, each side of the octopus's hand can be climbed by children so that the consistency of the soft balloon can make them wiggle the octopus here and there, happy faces can be seen and I am very happy see them can play freely.

Previously my daughter tended to be shy because she rarely interacted outside the house, she preferred to draw and write at home, but her character changed after I brought her here several times and introduced her to this type of game. Now he has interacted a lot outside the home and likes to make new friends who are more mature than him, even though he is only 4.5 years old but he already has many friends who are 7 years old.

4. Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Princess

In addition to the toys above, Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Princess is another medium that children can enjoy playing, this mini-sized toy car is identical to the color of pincess and to drive it, children have to move their legs as a driving medium. Here will train the muscles of the child to spur the speed of the toy. Children will try to move as fast as possible and express their happiness.

5. Play Slide

The picture below is a ladder made of rubber dance filled with air, children have to climb several colorful stairs to get to the top, then sit on the surface of the aisle to slide down, children are very enthusiastic about enjoying this slide, they will be mentally trained to be on the slide. height and slide down filled with colorful balls. In addition, this game also trains their breathing, indirectly they can regulate the frequency of inspiration and expiration.

Various types of other toys can be enjoyed by paying only IDR 80,000 and enjoying them until satisfied. What do you think? Of course, natural children's games can also be used to train their growth and development, but there is nothing wrong if we as parents introduce them to new things to stimulate their sensory, motor and personality development muscles.


Based on my experience here, I highly recommend that you bring your little one to introduce the outside world so that they can interact with new environments, besides the Children Play Ground (Suzuya Mall) makes it a worthy place to visit, it is based on:

  1. Clean place
  2. Play to your heart's content
  3. The price is cheap
  4. Many choices of games
  5. Friendly guide

That's my review of the children's Playground in my Town, I hope this can provide inspiration for you as a place for children's play.

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