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Club100 | Contemporary Food Reviews, Feel the Special Taste


My wife and I have quite a busy time outside the house, every day we leave at 7.45 and return in the afternoon, these activities make us eat more outside the house. Today happened to be home earlier than usual, I also invited my wife to enjoy one of the contemporary foods, not only in Indonesia but the Francise KFC type almost all over the world.

In Lhokseumawe itself, there are actually many places to eat that can be visited with family, ranging from stalls, cafes and even restaurants, these places not only provide various types of menus according to taste, but provide a comfortable atmosphere with friends, friends or beloved family.


KFC Lhokseumawe

Well, on this occasion I want to review one of the contemporary foods that I visited in the city of Lhokseumawe, I chose to review KFC as the topic of today's post because besides KFC serving savory flavors, KFC also provides discount services for visitors on Mondays and Thursdays.

With its address at, Jl. Merdeka No.25, Simpang Empat, Banda Sakti District, Lhokseumawe You can easily find the address. For those of you who are interested and want to enjoy the crunch of KFC fried chicken and its distinctive taste, immediately visit this place, especially when there are discount packages available for 2 days a week.


Queuing Order

KFC is a little different from restaurants in general, here every visitor must order and pay directly on the spot, while other restaurants usually after all the food is eaten then payment is made at the cashier. Today I ordered the TBest Thursday2 HC package worth IDR 109,091 or the equivalent of 18.19 Steem (convert using CoinMarketCap). This KFC is always crowded with teenagers, but many also bring their families.


Visitors to KFC Lhokseumawe

The crowds of visitors are influenced by the taste of the savory chicken, the delicious rice and the comfortable place, besides the distinctive chili taste, For those of you who want to get a discount, visit this place on Monday or Thursday.


Packages I Order

As in the picture beside shows the menu that I ordered in 3 servings, and the 3 portions only cost IDR. 109,019, not only chicken plus rice, you can also get Coca cola or Pepsi drinks, it all depends on your taste.

Types of KFC Menu

For those of you who don't like fried chicken, you can also order other types of menus such as pergedel, soup and burgers. In addition to the menu package that I ordered, other packages are also available, such as:

  1. Freedom Package
  2. Crazy Deal Packages
  3. TBest Thursday2 HC

Unfortunately the first and second packages in the menu type above are only valid at certain times. So the visitors must be careful before ordering.

After enjoying the portion of KFC chicken and drinking Coca Cola until it was finished, my wife and I went home, satisfied that today we can enjoy KFC Lhokseumawe.


Based on my experience on today's visit, I recommend other visitors to be able to visit this place, it is based on:

  1. Satisfactory service
  2. Various types of food are available
  3. The place is comfortable
  4. The price is cheap
  5. The room is clean and free from city pollution
  6. Open from morning to 00.00 midnight

That's my third review about one of the contemporary foods in Lhoksweumawe City, I'm sure you are often here with your family or other loved ones.




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