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club100 | Announcement - STEEM Investing Contest 26th Edition (25% Reward For Charity)


As referring to the holding schedule STEEM Investing Contest 26th Edition from 28 to April 01, 2022. Today it is time for the contest management to announce the winners of the 26th edition of the contest.

Before announcing the winner of this edition of the contest, I, as the initiator, would like to thank the Steemit Team for supporting this contest as a form of Power-Up campaign so that it becomes the foundation in maintaining the Steem ecosystem so that it becomes a prima donna coin that must be invested. To the Contestants who have faithfully participated in this contest, I also thank you because this contest continues to exist thanks to your contributions.

Once again I emphasize that the essence of holding this contest is not the quantity of prizes, but is an effort to grow Power-Ups and investment as user identity on this platform that we are proud of.

Today we have 4 contestants who are consistently participating in this program:

Num Account Club Criteria Verification Status Country
1. @moer Club100 Qualify Indonesia
2. @ridwant Club100 Qualify Indonesia
3. @alee75 Club100 Qualify Indonesia
4. @fonjougiresse Club100 Qualify cameron
5. @nadeesew Club100 Qualify Sri Langka

In accordance with the schedule that has been published and is an important part of fulfilling contestant verification (This entry is valid from March 28 to April 01, 2022.), As stated in the contest rules, that joining Club100, Club75 or Club5050 is a requirement of the contest, the jury decided not to give an assessment of the contestant.

The following table summarizes the participants' scores


Jepretan Layar 2022-04-03 pukul 23.45.08.png

Jepretan Layar 2022-04-03 pukul 23.47.04.png

I would like to thank all the contestants for their contributions and congratulations to the contest winners, the essence of this regular contest is just an effort to improve the user's habit of doing Power-Ups so that it becomes a culture that will continue to be preserved. Thanks to steemcurator01 for supporting this contest

Wait for me in the next 27th edition of the Contest, I'm glad to see you here regularly Power-Ups and taking part in the Contest.

cc: @pennsif @disconnect

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