The serene tranquil place (Story contest 5)

[Digital art made by @xpilar]

We have long dreamed of being in this quiet harbor.
And now we fully enjoy the tranquility and serenity of this place.

The cozy location of this harbor fills us with a sense of security and gives hours of serene contemplation of the beautiful green fences on the coast, created by both nature and people.

We foresee swimming in the warm sea, long walks at the foot of the mountains, and the abundance of green around pleases our eyes and fills us with happiness.
The abundant greenery heated in the sun exudes a wonderful aroma.

We have a whole month of relaxation ahead in this beautiful place.
We are waiting for adventures and acquaintances with the local inhabitants, with the local flora and fauna!

P.S. Thanks @xpilar for your picture!

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