Our tomorrow's climb to the top (Story contest 15)

[Digital art made by @xpilar]

These mountains are famous with their impregnability and irresistibility.
Mountain routes for climbers are extremely uncomfortable and dangerous...

But our group has been preparing for a very long time to conquer one of the peaks.
We has been training for many months.
We have good equipment and a friendly team.

We begin our ascent early tomorrow morning, at dawn, when the sky shimmers with bizarre dark blue and blue colors, and the snow on the slopes of the mountains seems purple-grey.

I am sure that we will conquer the mountain and return home alive, unharmed and happy!

P.S. Thanks @xpilar for your inspiring picture!

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Hi @ir3k

thanks for the great story of my digital photo

11.11.2019 16:27

Only good wishes in this happy fiction adventure.

12.11.2019 10:56

Thank you! )

12.11.2019 16:53