Introduction of my self

Assalam Walekum Sir, how are you, hope you have done well Sir, my name is a king, I have been studying in your class, Sir, your commune that I like it so much I am ashamed of such hair, I have to keep friendship with you sir. Sir, you have a very good post and you are a very good admin, you will grow very quickly and your community will get better soon. I hope Sir, I like that I work in your community, that team made a very good comment and you liked the name of Steam One eagles Committee.

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Welcome to Steem! There are many growing communities here that you may want to join, here is the [latest list]( of communities prepared by randulakoralage. For general information about what is happening on Steem follow @steemitblog.
Here is a post that explains everything steps by steps that will help you understand more about Steemit ecosystem, wallet security, Newcomers Achievement Program, list of tutorials, how to use tag in your post, how to claim your reward, how to exchange SBD to Steem, and many useful information. [Click here]( to view this post.

There is a set of achievements prepared by @cryptokannon for new comers.

  1. First go to this summary about achievements.

  2. First achievement is a self introduction. THESE are the rules for the post.

  3. Likewise, you can do all achievements. You can learn about steemit related things and get rewarded as well.

Regards, @neerajkr03
02.05.2021 14:30

Apki post bhoat achiii hsiii bhsi

04.05.2021 11:25