Psychopaths really do exist!

I thought psychopaths only exist in suspense movies and dramas but they do – in real life. They are everywhere. They roam around like nomads hungry for making people’s lives miserable. Odd it may seem but that’s how lunatics live. They show their glibber and superficial charm, they are malignant, narcissistic and oftentimes they’re conning and manipulative. I hate to say this but some people really can’t control their irrationality. They don’t mind their own business and they are fun in messing up with other people’s lives.

There is this one guy I’ve known from the past. He has happened to be my ex boyfriend. If only I was given a chance to undo something from the past then it would be meeting him. I thought he’d change my life – make it happier and lovelier. But no! It’s the other way around. For three long years, I have never felt that I was loved. I don’t know. It’s hard to tell especially that I’ve known recently that he didn’t love me even just for a second. It hurts – but I looked at the brighter side of it, I just considered our relationship as a lesson – that loving the person too much can sometimes lose your self. And when you lose yourself, you give your self a doubt. And when you’re in doubt, you wonder why you are living.

Sometimes, I question myself – Am I worthless? Am I really that unloveable? Am I not smart enough? Women should not feel this way, we may not be worthy to one, but WE ARE to someone else. We may not be loveable to one but WE ARE to someone else, and we may not be smart enough to one but definitely WE ARE to someone else. Women should overcome with insecurities and try to be a better person. We are more than just enough!

I thought our love was mutual – give and take – like normal couples have. But everything was just only a – THOUGHT! None of it was real.

Fast forward to those miserable things I’ve stumbled upon, lately this guy messaged me on IG. He said “Missing the bed with you” . When I read it, my hands were trembling. I felt weird and disgusted. I didn’t want to reply but I’m triggered to do so, and so I replied. He was not online that time so he was not able to read it. Then, minutes later I regretted that I replied and then deleted it. Unfortunately, he saw the notification ” * unsend her message”, so he immediately messaged me again, he asked me why I deleted and so on. The conversation became deep and it was hard for me to breathe not because I haven’t moved on but because truths are never comforting. It was painful. But I felt relieved after knowing everything.

The other day, his woman messaged me on IG telling me that they were still together and someone was trying to ruin me and their relationship. She said someone used the guy’s account and it was not his man or my ex. I replied sincerely and then the conversation ended.

Then I connected the dots. I am not that dumb not to know who I’m chatting with. I don’t think any girl would go to such lengths unless he’s using her or twisting her mind. If that was “someone”, why did he/she know our story, me being talkative and my nickname? I didn’t want to insist that it was my ex who messaged me but whoever he/she was. That someone wasn’t a good storymaker. Thanks for giving me clues and now I really can say that I am not so stupid. My instincts never fail me ever since. And no matter how hard they try to fabricate stories, oops sorry I will never believe him OR them. Never again.

That guy dumped me for another woman. I have yielded to make him happy. He was SUPPOSED to be happy with his woman and baby. But why are they messing up with me?

They just love to meddle and intrude with other things. When they’re unhappy, possibly they’ll do things that are inexplicable – fabricating stories, creating lame situations or even manipulating people.

I think the world is not scary, but human beings are!


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