Science-based Evidence That Proves You're in Love

Everybody feels love in a different way. For some, the first signs of the happy feeling are synonymous with butterflies in the stomach. Others know they're in love with a person when they simply can't stop thinking about them. More, physical symptoms include a loss of appetite or even lack of sleep. But let's see what science has to say about the proven facts that show one has become slave to love.

Looking that person in the eye

The more you like a person, the more drawn you are to looking at their face. A photo-based experiment concluded that people who really love each other are mainly looking at each other's eyes. In conclusion, no matter how hot your partner is, the eyes are still the window to their soul and the one part of their body you gaze at more.


Low level of serotonin aka not being able to focus

You don't need science to know that you are in love with a person when you simply daydream about them all day long. However, science backs up this love symptom by explaining that the lack of concentration we feel especially in the beginning of a relationship is due to the fact that the serotonin level decreases.

Breathing simultaneously

When you are in love with someone, your bodies connect in mysterious ways. An experiment conducted on long-term couple showed that heart rates and breathing rhythms synchronize when partners are truly, madly in love.

Feeling at ease

Many fresh lovebirds consider that the feeling of love actually equals a state of calmness and relaxation, at least after the initial butterflies in the stomach have ceased. Science explains this by measuring the levels of oxytocin which are actually higher in people in love which explains why they feel more at ease.


Laughing in unison

This is rather self-explanatory, but it deserves a mention nonetheless. People are obviously more attracted to individuals who share their sense of humour. Apart from laughing at each other's jokes, actually laughing at unison, spontaneously when a funny situation occurs is also a sign of love.

While there may be plenty other signs and symptoms of love, these are some of them which have actually been proven by scientists, so keep a close eye on them next time you start engaging in a new romance.


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