How to Speak Confidently in Any Situation?

If you've ever had to prepare an official speech for your job or your studies or you simply have a profession that implies a lot of direct communication, speaking confidently is essential. The bad news is that it's hard to deliver a perfect speech right from the start. There are of course people as who have this talent, but for most of us, learning how to talk confidently is simply a skill we have to acquire through practice. Here are some useful tips to help you talk with confidence in any situation.

Talk slowly

I personally know from my teaching experience that as when we are nervous we tend to talk faster. It's like we rush to say what we have to in hope people will take their eyes off us soon and we can get back to being unnoticed. This is not the case when you want to really make a point. Talking too fast will show your nerves and it will also make the others feel uncomfortable and unable to follow you. A slow pace on the other hand shows you are confidenta about what you are saying and you have the power to say it right.


Avoid nonsense words or sounds

Words like 'like' or humming sounds are almost unavoidable. We use them so often in day to day conversation that we even fail to notice them. However, adding an unnecessary 'uhh' or 'um' at the end of each sentence doesn't make you look like an expert or like you are really ready to ascertain your point of view.

Use pauses strategically

Taking a break every now and then is not a problem, not even in a formal talk or lecture. Breaks are necessary because they help you relax and also allow your audience to reflect on what you said. Also, breaks can help your listeners regain their focus and pay more attention to your words.


Control your voice pitch

Don't raise your pitch unless it's necessary. A high pitch makes sense when asking questions. Otherwise, it's a sign you are not sure of what you are saying. Downward inflections, on the other hand, add confidence to your words and make you sound serious and be more persuasive.

Control your breath

Just like in music, breath is essential also while delivering an effective speech, especially in formal occasions. For a successful, confident speech, breath properly, as in, take deep breaths that feel your lungs with air. This will enable you to finish your sentences naturally, instead of rushing to get the words out before the air is exhausted.

I hope these tips will help you get your speech right during your next presentation or simply enable you to talk with mire confidence in day to day situations.

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