Travel writing contest No.8! Win 100 STEEM [Support]

Travel writing contest No.8! Win 100 STEEM [Support]

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Wow... 8 amazing T. W. contests so far... We have so many memories together guys! :D However, we live in difficult times now. The situation with Justin Sun, the coronavirus thing and now the community split between HIVE&STEEM! This is why I decided this will be the last Travel Writing contest. Well, at least for now.
Don't worry. We will have different kind of contests in the future. However, it was not the only decision I had to take. As you probably know I promised 100 STEEM for the first place, and SP delegations for places 2-5. It is difficult to guess what's the future of STEEM so I decided to give away liquid currency instead of SP delegations and it will be up to you what to do with it.
What is more, this time I reward all the authors who participated in T. W. contest No.8 instead of rewarding only the TOP5. All of them will get 3 STEEM each. Not much, but remember - every STEEM counts! Finally, don't forget to participate in my "Corona virus: What's the situation in your country" event with a prize pool of 500 STEEM. Lets see what the future brings!


I keep repeating how I prefer text rather than photos, but these are absolutely astonishing! Well done...

The mighty Serengeti will never die!! Safari in Tanzania.

Read "The mighty Serengeti will never die!! Safari in Tanzania. " on

Let’s travel together #133 - Cascada Sila (Sila Waterfall) + Rain of Shooting Stars (Perseids)

Read "Let’s travel together #133 - Cascada Sila (Sila Waterfall) + Rain of Shooting Stars (Perseids)" on


Havey’s Australia & New Zealand Adventure Part 28 - Wellington to Whites Bay, New Zealand

Read "Havey’s Australia & New Zealand Adventure Part 28 - Wellington to Whites Bay, New Zealand" on


The caves of Captain Kidd on the shores of Cape south coast of Africa?

Read "The caves of Captain Kidd on the shores of Cape south coast of Africa?" on


Dinagyang Festival 2020: Floats Parade of Lights is the Calmest Colorful Parade of Them All

Read "Dinagyang Festival 2020: Floats Parade of Lights is the Calmest Colorful Parade of Them All" on


@manoldonchev@koenau, @ybanezkim26, @soyunasantacruz.

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Coronavirus: What’s the situation in your country? Earn 500 STEEM! [ initiative]

Read "Coronavirus: What’s the situation in your country? Earn 500 STEEM! [ initiative]" on

The best Travelfeed writer will get 100 STEEM!

“Travel brings wisdom only to the wise. It renders the ignorant more ignorant than ever.” ― Joe Abercrombie

All Steem Power earned by this post will be delegated to

> Who were the winners of "T. W. Contest No.6"? Be patient ladies and gentlemen and continue reading till the last sentence! Are you ready for it? Let's start with the list of winners...  


The main prize of the "T.W. Contest No. 7" was 100 STEEM. 2nd to 5th place holders got Steem Power delegations for 6 months: 25 SP for the 2nd, 15 SP for the 3rd, 5 SP for 4th and 5th place! Without further ado, the winner of The travel writing contest No.7 is...

Havey's Australia & New Zealand Adventure Part 27 - Kaikoura, New Zealand! by @nickyhavey! 100 STEEM!  (Read)

Yo Nicky, great post again! Nicky is a constant participant of T. W. contests so I have a feeling like I knew him in person despite the fact we have not met yet. Those who plan their trip to New Zealand should check out his blog for ideas and advice. Keep up the good work man!

> There's kinda only one way to get to Kaikoura from Christchurch and that's heading north on Highway 1 for about 2 and a half hours... 


My First Solo 24 hour Trip to Visayas! by @artgirl! 25 SP delegation!  (Read)

Correct me if I am wrong, but I think it is the first time that @artgirl joined our contest. Basically, she writes about her travel plans, thoughts of leaving the comfort zone more often, etc... Check out her article!

> It finally happened! Haha. 19 days ago I thought of traveling somewhere far away. Actually I started thinking about it late last year but I was never able to decide until the middle of last month...


Filipino Desserts in Colon and Tisa! by @ybanezkim26! 15 SP delegation!   (Read)

Another guided tour with Kim - a chemical engineer by profession, but a blogger by passion. As he describes himself he is a wanderlust and an adventure seeker. Congratulations Kim! 3rd place is yours!

> If there was a PUV (public utility vehicle - cheapest mode of transportation here in Cebu) route going to Tisa that's near us, we would have not explored some parts of Colon Street. But since the jeep route is from a different intersection, we decided to explore Colon to see what's new...


Talad Rod Fai Night Market behind Seacon Square, a haven for vintage stuff! by @rayshiuimages! 5 SP delegation! (Read)

Thank you for sharing your experiences! Congratulations!

> Other names for this "Train Night Market" are Old Rot Fai, and Srinakarin Road Night Market and pretty much any combination of those words. Why does this matter? Well because...


Let's travel together - Jieț Gorges! by @gabrielatravels - 5 SP delegation!  (Read)

I won't lie. This is an absolutely AMAZING travel article. Just like every single one of them posted by this author! However, it does not have a star sign. It happens when articles are posted using other frontends or when they are posted using  and then edited using other frontends. In this particular case, we have the second scenario. Please, make sure your post has a star sign when you join the next contest. P. S. Good luck in your future travels!

> Jieț Gorges suggest a less known place even if it's located on a valley that is yet very popular both in Romania but abroad too, Jiu Valley. The gorges are a protected area from the Hunedoara County but definitely a place to remember after you make your way to it even for the first time...


Barcelona on a Shoestring Budget! by @pushpedal! (Read)

Meet @Pushpedal! This guy is a synonym for the word unique (just as his story)! In order to understand what I am talking about you'll have to read a few of his articles. What is more, @pushpedal is one of the newest members of the curation team. This piece of work over here is a great example of quality!

> We were very excited to visit Barcelona because our Spanish flatmates in Christchurch had moved back home. Irene and Diego had lived with us for almost a year and its been almost 3 years since we last said goodbye. This was going to be another great reunion on our trip...


1. Write a travel article using platform and post the link in the comment section below. Articles that are older than 7 days may participate too. Each article may participate in the contest only once.
2. Resteem this post
3. [Optional] Follow @invisusmundi for more cool contests!


After 30 days (15th of March) I will personally read every single one of them and choose the one which I like the most. The best travel writer will be rewarded with 100 STEEM! Remember, it is quality rather than quantity that matters. Make sure that every article you post is full of love for life and a pure desire to share your experiences with all the brothers and sisters out there.

2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place winners will get Steem Power delegations for half a year. 2nd place winner will get 25 SP, 3rd place - 15 SP, 4th-5th - 5 SP delegated for six long months! You know how they say! Every STEEM counts! Do not hesitate and share your best creation!


100% of Steem Power earned by this post will be delegated to @travelfeed. Your upvotes will help to support the mighty platform and its amazing community. Keep in mind that the only way @travelfeed uses its Steem Power is to manually curate best #travelfeed posts. It is not a secret that is home to some of the best quality content in the whole Steem ecosystem. Smash that UpVote button!

WHAT IS TRAVELFEED.IO? is a global community of independent travelers, where it’s easy to meet new people and find information, and where bloggers can monetize high-quality posts. Check out the presentation at SteemFest where @jpphotography was talking about all the advantages of using the platform and plans for the future.


Let me see... Quite a few things actually. First of all, I joined the @travelfeed team. For me, it is super important and I am very excited about it. Next time you post something on I might be the one responsible for the curation that day so make sure you keep the quality high! :D

It is not a new thing, but my wife and I are expecting a baby. :D Actually, the baby might come any moment. Hopefully, by the time I announce the winner of this contest, I will already be a proud father. :D If your articles are nice enough I might read them to my daughter instead of fairytales! :D

It was a super busy month as lots of things needed to be done almost simultaneously. However, I succeeded to make a video about my last trip to Jordan. Hopefully, I will be able to make an English version too, but for now, you can become familiar with my language which might sound a bit strange. :D


1. Write a travel article using the platform and post the link in the comment section below. Articles that are older than 7 days may participate too. Each article may participate in the contest only once.
2. Resteem this post.
3. [Optional] Follow @invisusmundi for more cool contests!

Yours, Tautvydas! (Tot)



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Comments 39

Damn man, thank you so much for the 100 STEEM and hosting this contest again! Wow, that was a pretty awesome surprise so thank you!

Also, awesome stuff on joining the TravelFeed team! You've been an epic supporter since I have seen you and a great inclusion to the team :)

Congratulations on the baby and hope that everything goes successfully in your new life chapter - what better way to instill the travel bug than to read travel blogs you curate! They make their own fairytales here haha!

Well, whilst everyone was listening in to the big Tron & Steemit discussions yesterday, I was writing a travel post on TravelFeed and trying out their embedded map feature which @jpphotography helped talk me through so I'm pretty happy with the way this one turned out! Here's my entry for this month's contest:

Good luck to everyone who enters! Good to see some people whose articles I read and @gabrielatravels picking up a prize too!

16.02.2020 19:04

Thanks, Nicky! Congratulations on the big prize! Well deserved!

16.02.2020 21:30

Thank you my Romanian Sister 😊

16.02.2020 22:02

Hello @nickyhavey congratulations man, what a good job, the fact that you will win is not a matter of luck but of work and creativity.

I also want to compete although I know that my posts do not have the same quality of format as most of them, it has cost me to learn the operation of the platform, I am sorry to acknowledge it but it is so.

Enjoy, greetings.

16.02.2020 21:38

Hey @soyunasantacruz, thank you so much - all the hard work pays off at some point but I'm very grateful.

Never say never. Everyone has to start somewhere and when I first joined steem, my posts were pretty poor but over time and continuous learning, they have got better so keep going hey!

Travelfeed is also developing so fast with new features to play with that aren't compatible on other steem front ends yet so if I want to read travel posts, I'll view them through travelfeed as it's optimised for that. Steep learning curve but well worth it.

16.02.2020 22:09

Well done Nicky great to see your victory here. I am on the same path via @travelfeed lol. It has given me fresh eyes to perceive the beauty around me on the journey.

20.02.2020 10:42

The post was posted via TravelFeed but edited on Steemit to look better on both of the platform not only one... Anyway, thank you so much for your prize and congratulations to the other winners too!

Here is my entry for this time contest :)

16.02.2020 21:29

Yey! So nice to have you on the contest again! :D I wish I had enough imagination to post as often as you do. :D

24.02.2020 11:01

Haha. Thank you so much :)

24.02.2020 11:08

Thank you for this great opportunity and for sharing a little bit of the intimacy of your life, may you enjoy those moments.

Here is my participation, thank you very much.

16.02.2020 21:50

Hey hey, I think you need to post the travelfeed link, not the steemit link for this contest?

16.02.2020 22:09

Thank you. You're right. I'll get my ticket through travelfeed. Thank you very much.

16.02.2020 23:24

Hi, :D

yup, I am super excited! The baby might come any time now! :D

It is great you decided to participate in the contest again!

24.02.2020 11:04

I will always participate every time I find out, thanks for visiting me and leaving a nice comment.

I can't wait to see that baby.

24.02.2020 15:24

Wow! This looks really such a nice competition! But I haven't been anywhere ever since Steemfest in November

18.02.2020 14:01

  Hi @littlenewthings! :D You know what it means? It's time to  move it move move it... And experience some new adventures... :D

24.02.2020 10:56

Great posts everyone! Here is my entry for the next competition 😊

Posted using Partiko Android

17.02.2020 09:52

Great article indeed! :D

However, is it possible that you posted it using some other interface and not I noticed there is no star sign next to authors name. :)

It should look like this.

24.02.2020 11:10

Don`t know. I have used indeed but I´m not an expert in these things.

24.02.2020 15:55

It`s deleted and now @de-travelfeed

24.02.2020 16:35

I can not believe my eyes! :D

I can already say it might be one of my favorites... :D

24.02.2020 11:06

The Serengeti sure is an amazing place!

25.02.2020 00:16

Yes that's right, it's my first time to join your contest. Hehe. Am still writing the rest of my travel posts so it seems I have several for this next contest.

Thank you for the 25 SP delegation. 😊

18.02.2020 02:10

Here's my latest travel post! Hehe. I used Travelfeed to post it but it gives an error in the top image as viewed on Steemit and eSteem because the title has parenthesis. I can't see the top block where I could edit on Travelfeed so I had to edit on eSteem.

18.02.2020 08:17

^No response for this one? @travelfeed

25.02.2020 16:04

What a great find, your competition looks impressive.

Here is my favorite post so far for entry:

20.02.2020 10:56

I don't have any posts in mind that qualify for this contest, but I have something by then I will certainly share. Until then, keep up the good work @invisusmundi. !BEER !trdovoter !giphy travel

24.02.2020 17:23

giphy is supported by witness untersatz!

24.02.2020 17:23

Sorry @justinparke, this post is older than 5 days!

Support b>@trendotoken projects by delegating : 100SP , 200SP , 500SP , 1000SP , 2000SP

24.02.2020 17:23

With all the whirlwind of emotions and the drama on Steem right now, I almost forgot to join this contest. I hope this will still qualify.

Definitely Cebu #5: Maravilla White Beach - Tabuelan, Cebu

05.03.2020 14:41


Lots of success in your initiatives and those of the platform!

Here is my entry:

10.03.2020 10:58

Thank you for your entry! ;)

12.03.2020 01:40

WOW!! Awesome thank you very much @invisusmundi I am glad you enjoyed my Serengeti post. And I could share my experience through my photos with you all 😊 100 steem is such an amazing prize wooohooo😊 cheers 🍺🍺

Posted using Partiko Android

19.03.2020 12:28

Truly appreciate that they are sharing unique topics with us through this blog. Such blogs are hard to find that they share the worthy as well as quality hnd assignment help for us. Keep sharing such more content with us. Keep it up.

25.03.2021 12:03