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[CR] Guide on how to do the interaction


Hello everyone, I hope you are very well, here I share my new drawing guide that I made this week for my class. ^ _ ^

The topic that I decided to instruct was the interaction between 2 characters, many cartoonists for reasons of comfort, focus on drawing a single character and avoid drawing more than that amount, the main reason for that time, you have the mentality that if you it takes a long time to draw one it will be more complicated to make 2 on a sheet, which is false to draw a duo of figures can take the same amount of time or even less, if done properly, applied certain tricks that facilitate the work.

In this guide for reasons of space, (I need everything to fit on a sheet to grant my students) place 3 common interactions, but of the most requested when drawing, I hope that as my students you will find them useful, and you Serve as a great support material. ^ _ ^

Pencil sketch my guide

Separadores para Web-03.png

The kisses

The kiss is a classic in the interaction of the figure and is somewhat difficult to achieve in the drawing, and more if it is done from a 3/4 Angle visa, its difficulty is that a face must be inclined with respect to the another, kisses provide countless occasions, very interesting to explore in the illustration.

Como hacer el Beso.gif

The hugs

The hug is one of the most versatile interactions, due to how it is played with the arms and the Angle of the eyes, the meaning of this interaction changes completely, and it is vital that the two figures are proportionally equal.

Como hacer los Abrazos.gif


Carrying something or in that case someone, it must be very clear that the character that performing that action, changes his balance point, and the effect of the gravity of the other figure should be noted, in this interaction it is easy making mistakes, related to the proportions of the limbs of one of the two characters, this is because as one of the 2 characters covers part of the body of the other figure, the artist loses the idea of how the proportions of That figure, so it is vital to make sketches of the 2 figures separately.

Como hacer el Cargar.gif

Technical information:

Vector digital drawing
Program used Adobe Illustrator CC 2015
Full resolution 4724 x 3602px at 300dpi

Spanish version

La Interacción.png

Thank you very much for reading my post

I hope you liked my Guide and find it very useful
See you in a next post


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