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ntopaz-image-0ntopaz-image-1Hello to all the artists! and especially to all those who love art. n_n

Go had time when I did not participate in a contest, and finally one that gives a good amount of time to participate, I am not much of those who use emojis (mainly because I do not have a smartphone and the mobile that I currently have is so old, I already dropped 2 buttons, AND I DON'T HAVE INERNET>: O) These emojis are actually an old drawing from 3 years ago, I think, I did it in order to use it as a facial expression reference tool for when I did comics, I actually used it when I made the comic strip of: "The Girls Want to be Creatives" (My God!: Or I have to take the continuation) and I always use this drawing to explain emotions in the drawing during my classes, these expressions I managed to do, thanks to all the years that I have seen humorous cartoons, I was inspired by 90's cartoon but mainly independent animation shorts, basically they are the classic emojis but with a very exaggerated expression of cartoon, I think I covered the essential for any internet discussion (most annoyance, anger and anger the usual of any comment box of any social network XD) I hope they are your pleasure and feel free to use them, in short for that they are the emojis ^ _ ^

Pencil Sketch


With this GIF I show you the whole process of illustration


The Contours of Each Vector


Each stroke and node that make up the image

Comparativa de nodos.jpg

Technical information:

Vector digital drawing
Program used Adobe Illustrator CC 2015
Full resolution 3602 x 4724px at 300dpi

Thank you very much for reading my post

What are your criticisms and comments on this drawing, what would you improve?
Please let me know in the comments below.
I hope you liked my work
See you in a next post

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18.09.2019 21:00

Great!! :D Thanks @taruk

21.09.2019 20:32

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18.09.2019 21:50

Thank you!!! @c-squared

21.09.2019 20:31


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18.09.2019 22:04

I will enjoy this cake very much
Thank you @veryspider

21.09.2019 20:33

Very nice, @inu-jim! :D I've always thought making logos and emojis and useable images is an awesome skill that's kind of underrated :D

Love the expressions on the emojis <3 Shared this at Twitter too, for OCD curation :D

18.09.2019 22:28

Wow! thank you @ I'm very glad you liked it
It is hard to believe but in design, it is incredibly difficult to do something simple and simple, I am one of those artists who love to add details, but as they say more it is less.
next Wednesday I will edit this post to upload a bottomless Png, in case you want to use these emojis n_n

21.09.2019 20:41

Yo soy malisima cuando se trata de iluminar u oscurecer un area cuando dibujo. Mira que he tratao pero el arte no es lo mio. A ti te queda genial!

18.09.2019 22:47

No seas ta dura contigo, es cuestión de mucha practica y muchos vídeo tutoriales, el arte esta en cada uno de nosotros, y de seguro debe estar en ti, y en tus interesantes ideas creativas n_n

21.09.2019 20:45

Although ancient, your art is very cool. Enjoy each of the emoji, no doubt have a lot of personality

19.09.2019 01:24

Old? Aahhh I'm old T_T
I am very old school, I am glad to know that you liked them, I hope that the next ones that you have also like, and I will see if I modernize them a little hehe

21.09.2019 20:48

Estos emojis son increíbles @inu-jim Muy expresivos, tal como suelen ser tus dibujos. ⭐

Te deseo buena suerte 🤗

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19.09.2019 02:28

Gracias @smeralda como uso el google traductor no vi eso de las etiquetas.
Para mi es muy importante que un dibujo se pueda expresar con mucha facilidad y claridad.
Para la próxima volveré a editar para subir un PNG sin fondo para que puedan usar estos emojis n_n

21.09.2019 20:29

They really are super cute :)

19.09.2019 11:33

Thanks!!! n_n

21.09.2019 20:49

I love these exaggerated emojis, very funny, well done !!! We need more emojis like these, maybe a zombie emoji pack ? 😁✌️ Greetings!

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20.09.2019 02:12

he he thanks, the next ones I will do are a nice moe of Korean girls, but the zombie thing is not a bad idea ...
To whom I cheat is a good idea, I will not be for the contest, but I will do it for later, thanks for the idea @medussart hehe

21.09.2019 20:52

Hello @inu-jim, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

22.09.2019 03:03

Hehe this is so cool @inu-jim! I absolutely love the expression on each of them! I was smiling and grinning and chuckling hahaha! You drew each expression spot on! Hahaha! I love them all! :D

24.09.2019 14:52