Looking For An Awesome Steemian? Look No Further!

What Steemian Is Special To You?

Wow that is a hard question because I know quite a few great Steemians, many of whom are already mentioned in your post comments.

Since I have to pick just one, I am going to nominate @snook.

This is one Awesome Steemian in my honest opinion. And she is quite famous but she will say, "I am not!", LOL. Well she is, and I am quite sure that most of you know @snook, and if you don't, where you been hiding?

I first met @snook, in an internet kind of way, well over thirteen or so months now, and we have been fast friends ever since. We both joined #thealliance roughly at the same time, and out of the blue she asked me a question on Discord, that still makes me laugh! She asked, "I see you made a new song, can I play with it?" I was like, huh? What do you mean, play with it. She went ahead and added some vocals to a song I had recently created. And the result was a song called Sizzle! Wow, did she bring the heat ROFL. :-D

And that was the start of our friendship. She is a few months older than me, and will gently remind of that fact every now and again too! She is the Big Sister I wish I had. To be honest, she is more like having a cool older sister, and that is how I think of her.

And like most Big Sisters, she can sometimes nudge you in a different direction, and ask you to do something that you may have never even thought about doing. Which at the time you can be like, eh really? Are you serious right now? For example, she "suggested" that I do a 5 minute free write. I am not the best writer but I tried, and well it was kind of fun. So yeah, she was right... Again! And let us not forget the tag #snookmademedoit which is quite well known.

@snook is known around the Steemitverse for helping people of all sorts when they need it, whether it be help with a video, the sims, and etc. One thing she does quite well is making people smile! And that is a rare commodity indeed. Sometimes when you are feeling down, she is always there to pick you back up again. What more could you ask for?

@snook is dedicated Steemian, always on the move, and posting like nobody's business. I do miss some of the older podcasts, like the series My 2nd Steemiversary

Thank You!

SMT's & Tribes~ A Snook Ramble

I hope you enjoyed reading my nomination post, and if you want to nominate a fellow Steemian, feel free top hop in on the action:

What Steemian Is Special To You.

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You are pretty great at surprises too! I am BLOWN away by everything you wrote.

I don't know what to say........ I'm honored to call you brother and I want to kick your A$$ for writing this post LOL You know it is what you do too little brothers LOLL

01.10.2019 21:46

Ahahahaha! :D Well I had too, sometimes ya gotta do some things... just sayin!


01.10.2019 21:49

He's totally right about it all though lovely lady. :D You were going to be my nominee as well, but he beat me to it. :D

Love that teddy bear with your face thingy, sorry I've got no idea what they're called, but you use a lot of cool different ones. :D

God bless you and your wonderful family. :D Have an awesome day my fabulous friend! :D

01.10.2019 22:14

Thank You!!! You both have me speechless. Honest.


02.10.2019 01:32

You're welcome lovely lady. :D God bless! :D

02.10.2019 22:43

he wrote total truth

03.10.2019 10:54

Thank You!! off to go cry from all the wonderful words.
I wish I saw myself that way.

03.10.2019 12:29

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01.10.2019 22:02

You took my nominee! LOL! :D She's a great choice, I agree with everything you said in this post too, she always makes my day better. :D

God bless you. :D Have an awesome day! :D

01.10.2019 22:15

Sry, had to grab her up real quick! LOLZ :-D You have an awesome evening as well!

01.10.2019 23:23

I don't blame you at all. :D LOL. :D God bless! :D

02.10.2019 22:42

I'm with you on this one man, she's as supportive and kikass as a person can be and has earned herself a Round if anyone has. Great nomination man, hope she wins!

02.10.2019 22:45

Thx! Yeah she's awesome. :D & me too!

02.10.2019 23:24

Thank You little Brother. HUGS

03.10.2019 12:30

Snook is a pretty awesome human being.
I originally saw her on the poker tables, but we never spoke much. It was awesome to get into the ramble and get to meet a few of you a bit better and her your voices.

If it wasn't for the Ramble, I would've never realised how infectious @snook's laugh is.

03.10.2019 16:48

LOL yeah that laugh is quite contagious fasho! :D Have an awesome day my friend.

04.10.2019 19:48

now you know what my LOL REALLY sounds like :D and that when I LOL I Mean it :D

I love how through Poker we all came together to get to know each other better. You and your wife are very special people. That and you make Jack talk funny which makes me laugh too :D

07.10.2019 09:35

Got my vote!

Simple as that.

03.10.2019 17:00

Thanks my good * ;-)

04.10.2019 19:47

Thank you for always being there and having my back my friend!!

07.10.2019 09:31

Meh, she's OK I guess. 😏

03.10.2019 19:07

Hahaha :-D Just a bit eh?

04.10.2019 19:48


04.10.2019 19:51

Thank You!! I think you are pretty great too!!!

07.10.2019 09:35

I'll vouch for @snook.. she's the shit

04.10.2019 14:13

Indeed! :D Awesome, thanks my friend.

04.10.2019 19:49

awwwwwwww Thank You!!!I miss you guys and am so freaking happy you showed up that weekend. It would not have been the same.

and your comment(post) about having to go get refills after an Alliance party still makes me crack up. I think I have told that story a lot LOLL

07.10.2019 09:37

Wonderful tribute to this amazing lady! She is, indeed, all sorts of awesomeness with awesome-sauce poured all over it! Many thanks to @jackmiller for sharing this at PYPT! 💖


05.10.2019 06:28

LOL That is a lot of awesomeness indeed! Hope you are doin okay @thekittygirl, and all things go your way over the next weeks and months.

06.10.2019 15:30

I didn't know he shared it.....did I?

anyway. Thank You so much for your heartwarming words.

I hope all goes well for your move. I don't envy you having to move but hoping you will love your new place!

07.10.2019 09:33