Dreadlocks? What Do I Know?

Today is humpday, and I feel like bleh... is it Friday yet? And today's topic is a new one for me lol. :D

So figured why not do a bit of writing, what the heck.

And have a wee bit of fun with Photoshop!

Dreadlocks? What Do I Know?

Okay, this is a new territory for me, I never considered wearing dreadlocks in my life. Was never for me, and I don't know anything about the subject really. So I did some browsing on the net.

There are all kinds of theories about dreadlocks that people have, and some of them are ridiculous. For instance, people that wear them are dirty and are in need of a course in personal hygiene... false in most cases.

What do you think? What kind of thoughts run through your head when it comes to dreadlocks?

I did a search with the term dreadlocks and got some interesting links that you might want to check out. Ohh and I did some photo shopping of some peeps to see what they would look like wearing dreads... lmao! :D Yes I had some spare time on my hands for a few minutes.

Okay here we go!




(needed a better straight on face shot, but this will do)

Here's mine, and no I don't think I would look good in some dreads. I think darker colored hair looks best, just my opinion. I think that @enginewitty and @c0ff33a might have a shot at looking pretty good with some dreads! Ahahaha :D

I am pretty much open minded about such things, and do not judge other people for the things they do. Judgment is a weakness that needs to be overcome by all, making the world a much better place to live IMHO. And some of the links I clicked were very race oriented.

I don't how people can get off saying that all people of a race have a privilege over another. I have no white privileges, never had em... sorry. I grew in the poorest sections of Baltimore in my early life, never had a trust fund, no college money and etc. We barely had enough food to eat at times, and government cheese sucks! I had to work for my shit, just like everyone else. I put on my pants one leg at a time, just like everyone else.

So fuck white privilege... just sayin. I don't like being lumped in with everyone, that's bullshit. I have a complex mixture of race, and that makes me unique. And I am also human like everyone else. Fuck racism too while were at it. That's some toxic bullshhit.

Sothe question of the day is... would you consider wearing dreadlocks? And if you currently do have some dreads, feel free to fill the rest of us in how it is to wear them, ie. maintenance and etc..

Some links for your viewing pleasure:





I hope you enjoyed this freewrite, catch ya on the next one. Have an awesome day. :D

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Damn I look good with dreadlocks - but to be fair I’m getting a little thin on top (old man bald spot is growing weekly) so having dreads would be a good way to hide it! Great job @tipu curate

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06.11.2019 20:44

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06.11.2019 20:44

Thanks! :D Yeah I keep mine short, no dreads here lolz. Have a great evening. :-)

06.11.2019 23:18

@inthenow I know someone with dreadlocks and she is very clean, I asked her how she cares for it and she said just like you would if you did not have them except you don't brush it, she shampoos and towel drys. I would love to have them but I do not think at my age I could pull it off, maybe if I was younger.

07.11.2019 01:27

Same here, if I were younger maybe, but I am past the point of no return lolz. :D Have a great day!

07.11.2019 15:48

@enginewitty looks fantastic with dreads!! I am voting that we make him wear some!! And Saffi looks so different without all her blond glory!

I just did dreadlocks for my son (he is half Asian and half white) and it was a sh...t load of work. he did cut them off after about three weeks - I don't think he thought I did a good enough job 😂 but we got to spend at least 30 hours of quality tease and needle the hair time together LOL

I would love to have some but have very fine hair. I would look ridiculous. So, I keep my hair very, very short instead 🤪

07.11.2019 06:22

LMAO :D Yes I vote for Witty and dreads too! Well at lest you got some QT with him lol. I am with ya, I don't think I would look all that good either. :D

07.11.2019 15:50

I would look very ugly with dreadslocks

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07.11.2019 10:26

Some hair styles are meant for other, and I will have to pass on this particular style. Have a great day!

07.11.2019 15:51

Thanks! And thanks for the link too, much appreciated. Have an awesome day. ;-)

07.11.2019 15:52

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07.11.2019 16:55

Haha, those photoshops are great! I'd wear dreads if I could, but I can't even grow a beard.

08.11.2019 02:21