Blockchain Music Challenge Season 2 - Round 4!

Blockchain Music Challenge Season 2 - Round 4!

10 Days To Enter And Earn Points!

Welcome to Season 2 Round 4!

This season will be genre specific and we are going to be spinning that genre wheel to keep you on your toes lol. :D This will be a multi-platform contest, so if you are on Steemit, Whaleshares, WeKu it's all good.

For the 4th round genre, we are going to go with Chillwave!

You can use this following for inspiration, to get your creative flow going:

Wiwkipedia: Chillwave

You will have Ten(10) days to produce your entry!

The official contest days are: August 21st 2019 to September 1st 2019 at 11:59 PM EST! That leaves us 3 days to judge the entries, and get the winners selected. Each new round will be on a 14 day schedule, so keep your eyes peeled for new information about new rounds.

Posting Your Entries

Post your entries where ever you feel comfortable, just make sure that we can hear your music! Since the "other site" is using questionable practices, I am suggesting that everyone use Soundcloud, so we can use the bot to play your awesome tunes! It makes it easier to play for the shows, so let's make it happen... thanks! :D


The prize pool for each round is as follows:

FIRST PLACE WINNER: 4 SBD + 10 Steem + 40 SG + 40 Points

SECOND PLACE WINNER: 3 SBD + 5 Steem + 30 SG + 32 Points

THIRD PLACE WINNER: 2 SBD + 3 Steem + 20 SG + 26 Points

FOURTH PLACE WINNER: 1 SBD + 2 Steem + 10 SG + 20 Points

Each round's SBD prize pool is courtesy of: @enginewitty, @guiltyparties. Steem Prizes provided by @jackmiller and a mysterious unnamed benefactor. Sonicgroove provided by @isaria, @derangedvisions & @d-vine.

The contest will run for 32 weeks, on a 14 day cycle. Whomever racks up the most points for the season will take home 1st place.

Judging Entries

All entries will be judged with a focus on creativity, sound quality and technicality. So bring your A Game! The judges will be @d-vine @jeffleinwand and myself, plus a guest judge here and there... which will be announced when we have one for any particular round.

Live Contest Show!

There will be a live show on the SMA Discord Server every other Wednesday at 9pm utc, hosted by @d-vine @jeffleinwand and myself, where we will discuss entries and play them for the audience. Arrangements will be made in advance to make sure that we can play your songs. We are looking forward to you joining us for the show!

The Rules of the Road:

All Songs Must Be New - Within 14 Days! And..

. Your song must be in the genre specified.

  1. Must be your song! If you are collaborating with someone we need to know.
  2. Make a post about your song/entry. Add a link from your post to the current bmc post!
  3. Add a link to your post in the contest room - blockchain-music-contest!
  4. Your entry must be posted within the Ten (10) day time period.
    1. Anyone not following the rules is subject to elimination.

Everyone is welcome to enter the contest, and we are also looking forward to hearing from some more EMA artists. @nickyhavey & co. let's light the fires and kick the tires! :D

Contest Sponsors

Please take a moment to vote for our Witness Sponsors, who are supporting the contest and the SMA... Click the banner images and show your support!

@enginewitty - The man with the master plan! Creator of #thealliance and musician in his own right.

@guiltyparties - Our favorite Canadian and witness extraordinaire!

@jackmiller - The Australian witness that truly gets it and loves a good laugh too. You got my vote S..! :D

Deranged Witness - The Witness team of @derangedvisions & @c0ff33a - New Sponsor :D

SonicGroove In Da House! @isaria & co. New Sponsor :D

Good Luck To All Who Enter
Looking Forward To Hearing Some Awesome Entries!

Comments 4

Love this genre!! - my finished track from today doesn't fit - lol - have to make a new one -- I look forward to it....want to start right away, but I have to sleep a bit :)

21.08.2019 22:29

Awesome, looking forward to hearing your new song, after you got some sleep. :D

22.08.2019 12:52

This is great, thanks! :D Appreciate it a bunch. :-)

30.08.2019 17:07