Natural Defense


The human body is an incredible creation, it comes complete with an Immune System! The system designed to keep us healthy and prevent us from getting ill. Here's what's frazzling; we are told to do things that actually weaken our natural defenses! Lets talk about it.

Our bodies are adaptation machines, but without exposure we cannot adapt. (Think of how tolerance works with drugs; Exposure = Adaptation). Science has proven that children who play outside in the dirt tend to get sick less often later on in life. Think about vaccines, how they provide protection by delivering a weak version of a virus; so the immune system can be exposed to it.

Exposure is key to priming your Immune System and living a healthy life!

So, where did the idea come from that continually washing our hands and sanitizing would magically prevent us from getting ill? The truth seems to be quite the opposite. This is something we should all be questioning, as we are in unprecedented times with COVID-19.

What do you guys think?


NOTE: I am not a doctor.

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