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Curators' Team Application: Arts - art, photography, music, poetry, creative writing

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Hello dear friends, I hope everyone is well and enjoying Steemit.

Today I want to share with you our application.

We know of the ambition of the Steemit team to reach more steemians, and this will be our main goal: That all committed steemians feel favored.

We have chosen the theme of Arts- art, photography, music, poetry, creative writing.

We have chosen this topic because we are trained and prepared in these areas.

Our team is made up of experienced Steemians in curation with the Steemit team and we have also chosen new talents to give them the opportunity to be known and join the Steemit team.

We will make a good team because we are people highly committed to Steemit's policies as well as to integrity in the use of resources, always giving priority to users, to encourage them to produce good content while growing and developing their Reputation and SteemPower.

We now present the team, as well as their talents and skills:

The team:



Nationality: Kazakhstan
Languages: Russian, Kazakh, Korean, English.
Time active on Steem: from April 2021

club status: #club5050

ADMIN FOUNDER Steem Skillshare.

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Thank you very much for the great opportunity and the trust given...


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