ReactJs vs. VueJs in 2020: Which is the best Choice?

Hello Stemians, Today one of my dear followers, posted about the main reasons to love and choose ReactJs, which is great by the way and i suggest you to read about it Reading about the article i was wondering, today for Frontend Development, React is not the only technology used but also VueJs is widely used among developers communities. And personally myself I have been between choices often. Why React and not VueJs and vice-versa . I have heard and read that a lot of developers have shifted to VueJs. ![]() Myself these days i have created a comparison between these two giants. Pros of ReactJs:
  • Flexibility and Responsiveness: It offers maximum flexibility and responsiveness.
  • Virtual DOM: As it is based on a document object model, it allows the browser-friendly arrangement of documents in HTML, XHTML, or XML format.
  • Rich JavaScript Library: Contributors from all over the world are putting in the effort to add even more features.
  • Scalability: React has been proven to be better for large-scale apps due to its flexible structure and scalability.
  • Constantly Evolving: React is backed by professional developers from Facebook who continuously look for ways to improve it. 
  • Web or Mobile Platform: React provides the React Native platform which can be used for developing native-rendered apps for iOS and Android through the same React component model.
Pros of VueJs:
  • Ease-of-Use: Vue.js embraces standard HTML-based templates which make it easier to use and revamp an existing application.
  • Smoother Integration: Whether it is a single-page application or complex web interface, Vue.js offers smoother integration of smaller parts without any effect on the whole system.
  • Better Performance, Smaller Size: It takes up less space and tends to give better performance than other frameworks.
  • Well-written Documentation: It provides an easy learning curve through the detailed documentation and requires no extra knowledge; HTML and JavaScript will get the job done.
  • Adaptability: Overall sound design and architecture makes it a popular JavaScript framework. It provides hassle-free migration, simple and efficient structure, and reusable templates.
Conclusion: React vs Vue

Based on the representation of my above analysis with the help of statistics and facts, we can summarize the following points about React vs Vue:

1. React is more popular and searched programming technology in comparison to Vue. 2. React is backed with a top brand, facebook but Vue is not. 3. React provides more flexibility than Vue. 4. Size of Vue is smaller than React At the end of this blog, I assume that your doubts have got cleared regarding the right tech-stack for your application development. If you are still in dilemma then talk to an expert from a reputed web app development company. For any further assistance from me or in case, if you want to share your personal experience, you can reach me through the comment section at the end. Happy Reading!

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Good article

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