Weekly Report 丨Insight Chain (INB) Public Blockchain & Ecosystem Weekly Report (August 12 to 18, 2019)

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Insight Chain (INB)
Insight Chain is the next generation of commercial basic public blockchain, aiming at establishing the world's first big data ecosystem public blockchain with infinite scalability by realizing a secure and efficient blockchain system, as well as business data structural storage onto blockchain and transaction, and truly supporting high currency internet applications operation on the blockchain.
Abstract: Special consensus transaction records are added to blocks of INB Public Blockchain.
▶ Public Blockchain ◀

I. INB Public Blockchain

  1. The format of the account address is changed to conform to the INB concept, reflecting its uniqueness.
  2. Add mortgage NET field to transaction receipt to maintain account status and realize block self-interpretation.
  3. Cooperate with access of wallet and browser to expand INB Public Blockchain ecology.
  4. Add special consensus transaction records to the block.
  5. Perfect signature verification rules of the special consensus address.
    Ⅱ. INB Wallet
    INB Wallet is currently developing functions such as mortgage and reward collection. The main functions are described as follows.
  6. The user can choose the mortgage term when mortgaging. During the mortgage term, the user can obtain mortgage income once every seven days.
  7. After users vote for nodes, they can collect voting income, and the more they vote, the greater the income is.
    III. INB Block Browser
    The front end of the super-node function of INB Block Browser has been completed, and with the mobile end completed, it has entered the testing phase.
    ▶ Ecosystem ◀
    I. Insight DApp
  8. New development requirements have been added on all asset pages of Personal center revision and wallet function of Insight DApp, supporting assets in any currency in Insight, and it can carry out currency withdrawal operations.
  9. The Insight's main activity - Knowledge Talent Competition - is connecting with B-end users, and corresponding operation strategies are under planning.
  10. The functions of the Report Editing and Management Platform, which is open to analysts by Insight, will continue to be developed this week.
  11. Product planning of Insight DApp's transaction data's storage onto blockchain has been started, and it will enter a more detailed development phase in the future.
  12. The function for Insight DApp users to create questionnaires on their own is currently under development.

II. Insight Research Institute

  1. This week, a total of 22 questionnaires were launched, including 7 hotspot survey questionnaires, 7 market questionnaires, 7 investor sentiment questionnaires and 1 special survey questionnaire.
  2. A total of 1 research report has been published: Zcash: A Few Projects with Extremely High Application of Technology; Friendly Supervision Determines the Future Value.
  3. The Insight Eagle Program is in full swing, offering a platform for becoming professional block-chain financial analyst. So far, 167 analysts have joined the Insight platform. And tens of thousands of INB is officially offered as incentive rewards for analysts. Welcome to our team; the calling for report of ZRX has started. For the latest news of the activity, please pay attention to the notice of official community.
    ▶ Operations ◀
  4. Insight issued and recycled 8,094 questionnaires this week.
  5. The number of participants in Insight's community rating has reached 5,752, with BTC score of 7.38, ETH score of 7.31 and USDT score of 7.25 (Ten-point system) so far.
  6. As one of the ecological members of the INB Blockchain, INB SHOP enriches the application scenarios of INB, and meanwhile forms a closed loop of user experience from “investigating = mining” to commodity exchange. Since go-live, 787 orders have been completed, with a cumulative turnover of 44,367 INB. Last week, the turnover is 333 INB, down 69.7% week on week. In addition to the time-limited commodity exchange function, INB SHOP will offer a fair-price commodity on a daily basis and an off-price commodity on every Friday to meet the needs of more INB mining users.

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