Weekly Report 丨 Insight Chain (INB) Public Blockchain & Ecosystem (August 19 to 25, 2019)

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Insight Chain(INB)
Insight Chain is the next generation of commercial basic public blockchain, aiming at establishing the world's first data ecosystem public blockchain with infinite scalability by realizing a secure and efficient blockchain system, as well as business data’s structural storage onto blockchain and transaction, and truly supporting high-concurrency Internet applications’ operation on the blockchain.
Abstract: The formal production environment of INB Public Blockchain has been put into trial operation.
▶ Public Blockchain ◀
I. INB Public Blockchain

  1. During mortgage, net is calculated according to the total account status of the mortgage of the previous block, so as to prevent the inconsistent account status caused by transaction disorder and make the block completely self-explanatory.
  2. The change of logic of net resource consumption is starting from the perspective of block size limit, TPS and economic model to optimize the chain resource system.
  3. Improve the deflation mechanism and store it onto blockchain.
  4. Increase the option for the number of locked position day in the economic model, and adjust the rate of return at all levels.
  5. When the mortgage status of the account changes, the voting number of the account shall be updated in real time and the corresponding income shall be given.
  6. Add verification of transactions sent by special consensus addresses when super nodes generate blocks.
  7. Connect the browser with the Public Blockchain and optimize the corresponding logic.
  8. In-depth study of EVM operation logic and data storage.
  9. Put the formal production environment into trial operation, and test the accounts.
  10. In-depth study of multi-signature, Schnorr algorithm and BTC‘s application of multi-signature.
    Ⅱ. INB Wallet
    INB Wallet is currently developing functions such as mortgage and reward collection. The progress is as follows
  11. The construction of the resource mortgage page has been completed, and the page for mortgage resource redemption will be developed next.
  12. The UI-designed phase of the reward collection page has been completed, and it will enter the development phase next.
    ▶ Ecosystem ◀
    I. Insight DApp
  13. The function of Insight DApp Wallet can support assets in any currency to launch on Insight, and support the coin withdrawal operation. Currently, it has entered the testing phase.
  14. The Insight's main activity - Knowledge Talent Competition – is connecting to B-end customers for operation and formulating corresponding operation strategies.
  15. Insight's function of Report Editing Management Platform, which is open to analysts, is currently under development.
  16. The product requirement analysis and discussion of Insight DApp’s transaction data’s storage onto blockchain has been completed, and next it enters the phase of depicting the prototype.
  17. The function for Insight DApp users to create questionnaires on their own are currently under development for both Android and iOS systems.
    II. Insight Research Institute
  18. This week, a total of 21 questionnaires were launched, including 7 hotspot survey questionnaires, 7 market questionnaires, and 7 investor sentiment questionnaires.
  19. A total of 3 research reports have been published: HT: Platform Coin Supported by Rigid Demand, HT Stepping into the Second Half of Platform Coin and Gradually onto the Right Track, OMG : Block Chain-Based Digital Asset Trading Platform - Careful Control of the Market in Medium Term for Potential Risk of Decline.
  20. Insight's "Eagle Program" is continuing to help professional block chain financial analysts grow. Hundreds of thousands of INB will be officially offered as incentives for analysts. Welcome to joining us. The calling for LINK investment and research report has now started. For the latest news of the activity, please pay attention to the notice of official community.
    ▶ Operations ◀
  21. Insight issued and recycled 8,322 questionnaires this week.
  22. The number of participants in Insight's community rating has reached 5,907, with BTC score of 7.39, ETH score of 7.32 and USDT score of 7.27 (Ten-point system) so far.
  23. As one of the ecological members of the INB Blockchain, INB SHOP enriches the application scenarios of INB, and meanwhile forms a closed loop of user experience from “investigating = mining” to commodity exchange. Since go-live, 808 orders have been completed, with a cumulative turnover of 45,205 INB. Last week, the turnover is 838 INB, up 151.65% week on week. In addition to the time-limited commodity exchange function, INB SHOP will offer a fair-price commodity on a daily basis and an off-price commodity on every Friday to meet the needs of more INB mining users.

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