My Entry for the Photo Filters and Effect Contest Week 3 | All you need is love and a cat!

Hello Everyone,
Here I am coming with my entry for the Photo Filters and Effect Contest Hosted by @drakernoise and @bliss11 (Sponsored by @brittandjosie)

Actually I am not a professional photographer. Maybe I can say myself as a Amateur Mobile Photographer 😐. Always I like to capture the beautiful moments with my smartphone. As a result, I have so many natural, landscape and meaningful photo collection in my Gallery. Today I am going to submit one of my favourite click of my pet cat.

Here is the picture I clicked of my Pet Cat :


Firstly I Beautify the photo and give a Mist Effect with MI Gallery Editor :


As a submission of this contest I wanted to give more effects on this picture. Then I put a Oil painting effect with Deep Art Effects Android App. Hope so it will be more likable than before.

Here is my Entry for the Contest :


All images, photographs, and content are my own, unless otherwise noted.

Device ModelXiaomi MI Note 3 Pro
Camera Details16MP Rare Camera
Editing AppDeep Art Effects - AI Photo Filter and Art Filter


Hope so you will be appreciated with my editing. This is my very first time to edit a photo like this. Though I am not a professional Editor as well, but I tried my best to edit this photo that It could be more attractive and beautiful.

Don't forget to submit your Entry!

Photo Filters And Effects Contest Week 2 Result || Week 3 Begins

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Thanks to @drakernoise and @bliss11 for arranging this awesome contest. Thanks to @steemterminal for guiding us (#redfish) with some best advice in a Friendly Environment. Specially thanks to @wesphilbin sir for his biggest support and guiding.

Thank you,


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14.03.2020 23:35

There you go! Much better my friend! Do spoil that adorable kitty you have! Great post and cool effects!

15.03.2020 01:53

Thank you so much sir

15.03.2020 07:04

Nice effects @insense for the photo filters contest. Love the background color enhancement behind kitty. Have supported your post.

15.03.2020 03:52

Thank you ma'am

15.03.2020 07:05

Such a beautiful result and such a cute kitty :)

15.03.2020 10:59

Thank you so much

15.03.2020 11:27

Nice work. Cats look so innocent when they sleep, lol.

15.03.2020 13:43

Yes you are right. Though they are not innocent as well :v

15.03.2020 15:07

I love your entry @insense and your fluffy kittie.
Thanks so much for your time building up this post.
Good luck for the contest!
Hugs over there 🤗

15.03.2020 23:16

Thanks for stopping by sir.

15.03.2020 23:21

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16.03.2020 00:40

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16.03.2020 00:40

Thanks for supporting.

16.03.2020 06:19

Nice entry dear with a cute cat 😍. Thank you for joining the contest. 🤗

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16.03.2020 09:07

Congratulations @insense, your post successfully recieved 1.93710488 TRDO from below listed TRENDO callers:

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17.03.2020 23:51