Inner Blocks Community Radio ~Recording for Dec. 17, 2019~

What a fantastic show we had full of wonderful energy and great people!

Many members turned out to share their posts of their own inner blocks. All of their first-hand experiences were a delight to hear about.

This is also the last radio show of the decade! Join us when we come back after the holidays, January 7, 2020!

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Hi @innerblocks, congratulations on being one of the winning projects in @ecoinstant's contest!
I have sponsored a prize pool of 500 MAXUV tokens, so your project will receive a cool round number of 100 MAXUV tokens (worth 100 STEEM).

Please just verify that you would like the tokens sent to @innerblocks within Steem Engine. The tokens generate upvotes, so is best that they are owned by the primary posting account for the project.

You shall also be invited to our MAP FinTech Discord group, in case you require any further advice about how the Steem blockchain works and how to make the most of it.

Well done!

01.01.2020 19:26

Thank you so much for sponsoring the contest! Sending the token to @innerblocks is great! And thank you for the discord invite!

03.01.2020 13:55

Great, have sent you the 100 MAXUV tokens. Well done!

You may join us on
Please say Hi as need to upgrade your server role before you can see every room. See you there!

05.01.2020 15:56

Great initiative! Thank you! Happy New year!!!

05.01.2020 10:44