Trump: "Intervening in the Middle East was the worst decision in US history"

"Intervening in the Middle East was the worst decision in US history," said Donald Trump three days after he announced the withdrawal of US troops from areas near the Turkish border in northern Syria. .

This surprise announcement on Sunday seemed to give the green light to a Turkish military operation against the Kurdish forces, allied with Washington in the anti-jihadist struggle.

Criticized right in his own camp, the US President has since multiplied the statements, sometimes contradictory, on this issue, threatening Turkey including heavy economic reprisals if it was to "exceed the limits".

But he is determined to "end wars without end," one of his campaign promises.

"The United States should never have gone to the Middle East," he said on Wednesday. "Stupid endless wars are over for us!"

"We are slowly and surely bringing our formidable soldiers and soldiers back home," the Republican billionaire added, adding that the conflicts in the Middle East cost the United States some $ 8 trillion, and thousands of lives.

"We went to war because of a false assumption and now proven as such: weapons of mass destruction. There was none! ", He wrote about the US intervention in Iraq in 2003.

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