Sexual resolutions for 2020!

Another year has ended. I hope it was filled with great joys and small puzzles! Because a sex life cannot do without a touch of mystery and possibilities of discovery. This is why we will start this year together by setting some sexy goals! May 2020 be the year of naughty, responsible, consensual and divinely pleasant pleasures! Where to start ? Here are some suggestions for sexual resolutions, but also some tips for keeping them!

Put things in writing

Before starting the pleasure portion, it is still necessary to look a little at the question. First, make a list (even summary) of your desires and desires. This list must contain what you like (as much in “give” mode as in “receive” mode) and always stay close at hand (understand here not in plain sight!), In short you will understand that the list, even written, must be able to be consulted regularly if you wish to concretize these sexy wishes. 

Reconnect with your erotic imagination

Any sexual stimulation deserves to fight its way through the universe of fantasy. This royal way can nourish your libido indefinitely, but you still have to know how to cultivate it. Because yes, these stories will invade your imaginary erotic landscape if you give them enough space to develop. Some people like explicit readings, others like specific pictures. It's up to you to find the right levers to boost and keep your fantasies alive!

We break down sex

Nothing better than a feeling of deep well-being to overcome all these complexes. The head, the heart and the body will become one if you manage to practice benevolence rather than criticism! Naturally, this step may require a little more time and patience, but the effort will certainly be rewarding. Do not hesitate to seek outside help (therapy, meditation, personal growth readings, etc.), as this successful step will provide a solid foundation for a fulfilling sex life.

Put sex on your agenda

Yes, I hear several people express that they fear losing this spontaneity so much sought after and often unfortunately associated with a fantastic sex life. However, reality often ends up catching up with this utopia: believing that spontaneity will succeed in clearing a solid, regular and sexy path between responsibilities, tasks, problems of daily life and other inconveniences is more a matter of belief than of reality! So to get around this, why not add to your list (in step 1), if you haven't already done so, an approximation of what you think could be a frequency of sensual and sexual activities. This frequency will take into account your own reality by moving you away from what popular (and non-scientific) statistics on the subject would have you believe! Exit performance, welcome a rhythm appropriate to your lifestyle!

Spice, sugar, season

Obviously, for a sex life to be not only pleasant, it must be sufficiently exciting to give the desire to start again and to start again! To do this, it is important to know how to vary the pleasures. Why not try different things? Why not get out of your comfort zone occasionally this year? Grab some naughty ideas, dare to adapt them to your reality and transform them to make them both accessible, but consistent with your values ​​and your lifestyle. Each new sexual gesture can be beneficial provided that it fully corresponds to what you are and that it is lived with the greatest of respect.

Restore the coat of arms of solitary pleasure

Knowing how to take time for yourself is essential for any self-respecting sex life! Obviously the key lies in this balance - sometimes fragile, it must be admitted - between personal pleasures and rascality of couple. Desires are always in motion and are sometimes difficult to find within the couple, which is why it is still important to take time to assuage this lust, and this, away from any feeling of guilt. This is why sometimes this balance is precarious! But with practice, good communication and great respect, you will be able to find your dance steps!

Laugh, have fun and be kind

These are the wishes that I formulate and that I address to you in all sincerity! May 2020 be a year filled with great joys, many pleasures and health! And don't forget, your sexuality is just waiting to be designed, shaped and lived in your image! It's up to you to play this year to make it all happen! Happy New Year !!!


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