Killed with incredible violence

His 15-year-old spouse would have had no mercy by inflicting nearly 30 stab wounds

His ex would have broken the glass door to stab to death the fearful woman who had just changed the lock.

This is evident from testimony heard since Monday at the trial of Maxime Labrecque, accused of premeditated murder of his ex-spouse Isabelle Lavoie in Saint-Hyacinthe on September 13, 2016.    

"I took a look at Isabelle's window and said, '' Oh no. He did it''. I heard a moan and ran down the steps. I dialed 911, "said Guy Gélinas, Isabelle Lavoie's neighbor and concierge of the building located on rue des Seigneurs Ouest.   

Even if Mr. Gélinas had changed the lock of the door a few hours before the tragedy, it would not have prevented the alleged murderer from smashing the door window with a hammer and entering the five and a half he had lived for eight years.    

Almost 30 stab wounds

The pathologist came to mention the circumstances of the death of Isabelle Lavoie said Monday that the victim would have received nearly 30 stab wounds.    

Right temporal, chin, neck, armpit, perforation of the lungs, heart: the alleged murderer of 37 years would have had no pity for the educator in the family, supported the pathologist Liza Boucher in front of the 12 jurors.    

The pictures of the crime scene filed in evidence since the beginning of the trial by the two Crown Attorneys demonstrate the brutality of the murder. (We chose not to publish these photos, which testify to a violence that is difficult to bear.)    

She was afraid

When the first police arrived, the victim was bathed in a pool of blood in his bedroom. Three bloody knives were found in the apartment.    

"When it is self-inflicted, there will often be wounds of hesitation. In this case, we have a lot of dispersion, we have many places that are not typical for wounds that are self-inflicted, "said Ms. Boucher.

A few days earlier, Isabelle Lavoie had expressed her fear to friends, we learned yesterday. She mentioned in particular that she had the impression that the accused was watching her.    

She had also told her neighbor "that someone was knocking at night in his door and his windows".    

She had decided to cover her windows with thick opaque curtains to prevent Labrecque from seeing her.    

An incident two weeks before the murder proved him right. An SQ patrolman guarding the neighborhood surprised a man wearing a hoodie that was prowling near Ms. Lavoie's building. The policeman then stopped him. On his identity card: Maxime Labrecque.    

"My questions seemed to bother him," he said yesterday.

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