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Resources source <-Steem INception some ninja/ pre-mined stake links and recent info for context.

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Can you direct me to the link that shows this contract I keep hearing about?

I have looked at so many links and have not found anything that comes close to the claims being made.

06.03.2020 03:21

@asimpleman / Imagine every time you use "I will" in your life. The thing you say after becomes a legally binding contract.


Mr, cassada, in the court of law, with fifty thousand cases of "I will always love you" and one billion cases of "I will do it tomorrow"...

06.03.2020 06:31

But when there is at least one official document that has been around for a long time stating categorically that

the Company’s mission, vision, goals, statements, actions, and core values do not constitute a contract, commitment, obligation, or other duty to any person, company or cryptocurrency network user and are subject to change at any time.

It messes with the argument especially his other ''the plan is'' statements.

06.03.2020 07:13

Even if Ned clearly stated online something like "the plane is to use that ninja stake to develop the chain and ... this is a contract ... I repeat this a contract" this still does not constitute a contract.

Document? You can write something online then print it and call it document (because it sounds more serious).

Ned can easily fake a post online stating that there is no contract and date it to when the blockchain was created (can be done pretty easily by just tempering with an indexed page). He can easily state that something he said (that can disprove that he made a contract) was removed from a blog or a website that was shut down since then.

To be honest, I find it amazing that people are still thinking that talking or writing something online constitutes a legally binding contract.

Please read my reply here:

I really want to see anyone of them standing in front of a judge saying that STINC should null their stake just because they said online to us they will do it. This is not how legally binding contracts are constructed.

I am not in support of Sun or Witnesses. I just hate demagogue and people who use populism and emotions instead of logic and critical thinking. Most people here know nothing about the law, yet they think they are right just because they feel so. Probably why we didn't solve the whole situation, having nerd trying to do the work of lawyers, businessmen, and conflict resolution specialists.

Thank you!

06.03.2020 08:03

Thank you for your detailed reply.
I may not have been clear about my position ; (

I do not support the old line up of witnesses who claim the right to freeze the stake and/or dictate to Justin Sun how he can use it.

The document i was talking about:
once upon a time you could find it by clicking the three bars to the right of your impressive avatar, then clicking on ''about Steemit'' in the same section as the blue and white papers.

06.03.2020 13:45

The law is bullshit.

We are born into being enslaved by our governments. We have no choice.

A legally binding contract as "defined by law" in the USA is a contract of which both parties sign onto without force and knowingly understand what they are doing.

I was born into being a debt slave. I have no choice. I was forced. I did not understand what I was being born into as a baby.

There you go, the entirety of USA law is now null and void according to their own laws.

Doesn't get any more simple than that really. All law is bullshit made up force to keep you inline. It contradicts itself at every turn and is backed by threat of jail or death or theft of your property.

07.03.2020 06:28

Make sure to avoid conflict of interest @informationwar, so these links are taken seriously. You must provide information that supports both sides of the story and publicly declare your neutrality towards the events.

Ignore all of the above if you have already taken sides.

06.03.2020 06:18

I am against Ned and Justin Sun. Ned has mismanaged, lied, and done unethical things over the last 4 years, so has Justin Sun.

Whether or not anything is legally binding is another story, and that is different from what Steemit promised to not do.

Even if it was legal for Ned to sell Steemit Inc to Justin Sun, and Justin Sun to use that stake, it doesn't make a difference... The chain was attacked and taken over by Justin Sun, that is what is important.

This isn't a quesiton of legality for me as I don't care, most laws are arbitrary and I am not voluntarily allowed to get away from the government(they enslave us all and we are born as slaves into it). This is showing that Steemit Inc AKA Ned and team used a ninja mine give themselves a centralizing stake over their "decentralized blockchain".

People who are for decentralization cannot be neutral to this. This is a rich person (Justin Sun has 200 million USD+) using their money to centralize a blockchain and do whatever he wants. Theres no neutrality....

07.03.2020 06:25
  • You are speaking about STINC as if its a public company.
  • Most laws are BS, so you are an anarchist? You can't just love the laws that serve you and hate the laws the serve other people.
  • Ned has mismanaged it's his company why should we care? what do you mean by mismanaged? Not doing things in favor of other people instead of his?
  • This isn't a question of legality for me as I don't care Then how to define what's wrong or good, how can we know that what happened is wrong if we don't have a framework to judge the situation?
  • I was hoping that I can see someone like you to fight for a governance system that is more immune against such a thing. Not bashing one side only while the other side was controlling the governance for almost 4 years.
  • People who are for decentralization cannot be neutral to this. Because 60 people choosing to freeze the stake of someone on a Blockchain is clearly decentralized. But hey, they are not Chinese, at least, so it's ok.
  • You need to make things improve, make both sides accountable for what they did. I am not loving the situation, and don't support both sides, but what I really know is that if we keep this mentality of emotions over data, facts, and analysis we will go nowhere.

Thank you!

07.03.2020 20:37

This is the last reply im giving you because you are someone who just constantly comes up with tons of questions and it never ends. Its too time consuming.

Most laws are bullshit

Ned mismanaged his company.

Laws don't define what's wrong or good, morals and ethics do.

Someone like me fighting for governance system? You have no idea who I even am or anything about me.

60 witnesses choosing to freeze the stake of someone who ninjamined it is a moral good. The ninja mine was mined in mostly secret with little details provided on how to mine Steem. They(Dan and Ned) did this so that they could release their coin to themselves via mining instead of diong an ico. They skirted the law and enriched themselves.

I don't need to make anything improve or make any side accountable for anything.

08.03.2020 04:18