How to Plant Dahlia Flowers to Grow Beautiful and Beautiful


Dahlia flowers are one type of flower that when blooming has a very beautiful crown, you can plant dahlia flowers in your home page to create a beautiful page. Did you know that caring for this flower requires precision so that it can grow and bloom perfectly? So that you can grow dahlias in your own home properly, here I will discuss a little about.

so that dahlias can grow perfectly, you need to prepare several things such as the following:
1.Determining the Place / Location of Planting
Choosing the right planting location is very important for dahlias. This type of flower requires at least 6 to 8 hours of sunlight per day in order to grow and bloom very well. then choose an area in your house that gets the most morning sun and make sure that the place is not blocked by any large plants.

2.Preparing Planting Media
Planting dahlias requires a planting medium with loose soil type that is also fertile and does not store large amounts of water. Dahlias can rot quickly if there is too much water in the soil so we must always pay attention to it every day

3.Choosing Dahlia Seeds
You can choose dahlia seeds in a variety of different shapes. Starting from dahlias in the form of seeds as well as stem cuttings, bulbs, or even dahlia flowers that have started to grow. Planting seeds directly from seed takes a long time, that's why you can adjust it according to your own wishes and suitability.

this is a photo of the plan for planting dahlias in the Puskesmas area which we reviewed directly at the location, the goal is to make the health center look beautiful and beautiful after we plant dahlia flowers

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Dahlia flowers are very beautiful to look at. Dahlia flowers are also found in abundance in our country.


24.11.2021 10:49

@mostafezur001 ya sangat banyak dahlia di negara kita

25.11.2021 02:35


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