I`m back,and need to talk about my meditation

unrest.jpgunrest.jpgHi sorry for the long absence I have been unable to gain access to my account for a while due to lack of funds to replace my computer that had a broken screen.I recently have been very consistent with my meditations ,and seem to have gained some downloads and messages from the universe.

I will provide links in the coming days to a couple of youtubers who have caught my attention in recent days,however I have had a major feeling that due to the up and coming astrologic activity and the political unrest in the country I reside in,we will see some major events very soon.

Some have THE EVENT is just around the conner I would say its happening,and my intuition is telling their are some rather mad times coming very shortly,pay attention to the dates and numbers,especially between the weekend,and the first of November,check the atrological for cast,and also question the media.

Peace love and light.

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