Where are they from?

Indiexpo's userbase is growing! As you know, the site is offered in 18 different languages, which makes it easier to find on many search engines from all around the World.

The passion for gaming reaches both young and adult people- and since it is hard for a very young boy to know english, if the syte is translated in their own language they can discover new games much more quickly and easily!

But where do all these passionate users come from? In order to answer that question, we want to show you Indiexpo's Stats regarding this topic.

From 01.01.2019 to 06.30.2019. The top 10.


As you can see, Italy comes in second place, because the website was born in Italy, and so the first games were all only available in italian

We added Hindi just a few months ago, but you can see how it already is in 4th place.

Brazil has always been around the top of the rankings. Russia has been going down, which is rather strange, since it had previously been 5th.

If you are an "indiexpositor", you should know we are also working to show this kind of statistical information in your Statistic Area.

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