Global Hospital Saved Nubia Abara Life Who Was Fighting Oral Cancer

The inspirational Nubia Abara from Africa found an ulcer in her mouth at the begin of 2017. While it turned out to a mouth cancer she embarked a high-quality journey in India. Here, in her own effective words, she explains the emotional, impact that mouth cancer has had on her life.

“It all commenced with a simple ulcer in January 2017. It was on the left side of my mouth, certainly I went to the chemist and got Bonjela and took advice from my crochet pupils; “placed an aspirin on it”, “it really works for my son”, but it wasn’t going away. I phoned my doctor. I thought that all I might need was a simple antibiotics, however she sounded worried. She wanted to see me straight away. I underwent a biopsy which was very painful process. And next day I went to collect my results. Yes, it was ,oral cancer . It took a while for that to sink in. My first thought was, ‘Holy crap, I’m going to die. I’m too young for this. I thought of my husband and my two children, and then my thoughts transitioned to action. “OK, how do I fix this?”

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For two days I was not able to gather myself to fight with the disease. But due to the lack of technologies like PET Scan etc. in the Africa, we decided to receive treatment facilities abroad. The unavailability of latest technology was preventing the African doctors from locating the primary; I consulted several hospitals in Africa and also to received radiotherapy for this cancer treatment. However, the relief achieved by these therapies remained temporary. Having heard success stories of patients from across the globe who sought treatment in India, I decided to stand upright for the deadly disease. I learned that I can get the perfect solution to my critical problem via a medical travel platform in India, India cancer surgery site. The team of India cancer surgery site serves the worldwide patients with the objective of making their treatment journey in India easy and successful with the aid of bridging all feasible information and service gaps. I reached to them very next day and submitted my query in India cancer surgery site official website . I was reached by the query manager after which the procedure of successful treatment journey began.

They made all travel and logistics arrangements for me. They assisted in getting our medical visa to India. I flew to India and paid a visit to a niche hospital in India; Global Hospital. My appointment was already scheduled with an internationally acclaimed doctor; I underwent the necessary screenings and detailed evaluation. My medical reports were evaluated and analyzed by the best oncologist in Indiaexecutives of India cancer surgery site with cumulative experience in for over 10 decades in medical domain. In addition suitable treatment plans were curated for treating my disease. This was an advanced cancer, The treatment recommendation was to remove the tumor — which would entail removal of a good part of my tongue — removal of the lymph nodes from the right side of my neck, reconstruction of the tongue, and postoperative radiation and chemotherapy. This was a lot for a 30-year-old woman to cope with. A fourteen-and-a-half hour surgery took place which was successful. I spent several days in recovery, where I was offered care by the staff of Global Hospital; they were just wonderful to both me and my husband. The panel of Global Hospital and India cancer surgery site was connected to me and conducted timely follow up.

"Thank You India & Thank You India cancer surgery site! Stay blessed and I robustly recommend India cancer surgery site services to all those patients who are willing to seek cost-effective cancer treatment in India; the healthcare facilities are of paramount quality, and the doctors are amiable and proficient at the same time”.

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