The Occult Messages Of The Half-Time Show

I find this fascinating. I don't necessarily AGREE with "Hacking The Headlines" views about the symbolism she accurately points out...

There is nothing wrong with the occult which simply means "hidden", Freemasonry,
Alchemy, Luciferianism, since we try to live in a FREE country - Freedom of Religion the First Amendment to the Constitution -

Just when used to harm others or for THEFT - like anything else - it is not the TOOL which is evil, but the USER of the TOOL.

As Above So Below is simply a Law - it is a governing principle of behavioral consequence - it is not a belief system - it is simply discoverable - As above is equal to that which is below - that which is within is equal to that which is without - is not evil - and it does not mean that you do a little bad and a little good - it means that the microcosm (individuals) is a smaller version of the macrocosm (the world) -

The question is Which World Are You Going To Be A Microcosm Of?

... the problem with these half-time shows is that the El-ites - the DARK occult factions which rule our planet, have mesmerized the masses to help bring in their Agenda - a form of communism in which they rule us - under Man's Law - Artificial Intelligence -

and they are masters of psychology - and they know that they can get the IGNORE-ANT masses to go along with their agenda by capturing their sleeping subconscious through symbolism.

It is each Individual Person's RESPONSIBILITY to educate themselves and USE their free will choice for good - not be manipulated through ignorance by evil.

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