Tarot Study....The Healing Power of Meditation, Sigils, Prayer and Practicing The Presence of God

This morning I asked "What is wrong with my back????" and I pulled this card...which told me to go meditate to find the answer...so I went to meditation, and during so, it came into my consciousness that I had made a Sigil to make my new job successful and abundant for all...
Then I had embedded that Sigil into the painting I had recently made for myself, about about becoming financially independent:
So, today, I got rid of it;

It was just about 3 months ago that I started that job, and made that Sigil - and it's been about that long that I have had this Sciatica -


Sigils work if they are likely to happen - but I always run into trouble if I am going up against another's will. I would not have thought that in the beginning of my job, but later it seems like my boss does not focus enough of her attention on her 5 businesses to make any of them really work out - she's too scattered. I believe that by making that Sigil, I brought this Sciatica upon myself because it was not "in the cards" for Your Soul's Movement to be successful, so I created a stalemate in the Universe and through this meditation I was able to correct it... It is in my Right Leg - which is the Sun Side of my body - the active manifestation side - and it is making it impossible for me to "stand on my own 2 feet" which is what the original sigil was about:


Now I am using this method to correct the ailment I caused myself:
from this book:

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