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I have been studying the Tarot for about 45 years - on and off - and this morning while I was meditating - it came to me what some of my problems are with it. I am going to use my Steemit Blog to write about this - to jot it down - for later - when I come back to this, in case I get distracted and forget about this amazing experience and understanding that I had this morning which might lead to a lot more understandings later -and perhaps my need to create my own deck, which I have wanted to do for years.

Problem #1:

Starting with this first image: The Fool, The Magician, and the High Priestess...

First of all, I completely agree with my friend, Lord Osiron, that the High Priestess and the Magician are switched around numerically and that when the el-ites allowed the Tarot to become public, they numbered the Tarot incorrectly - The Fool - being the VOID - Zero, then produces the INTUITIVE THOUGHT in the mind through the Heart - that is the High Priestess, #1 and then followed by the mental thought - The Magician, #2.

If this were made public, the whole structure of our society would change, and the Earth would be held up in the High Esteem where she belongs, but it would undermine the Agenda of the el-ites to take over the earth via the masculine principle.

Lord Osiron says that had the Tarot been put out this way people would have been beheaded... Because the Feminine Principle would have come first... but I think it was by design that they had to put it out this way because they had already made it a Male dominated world and this just reinforced that...

That's my first problem... this is all based off of Nature's Zero-Nine mathematics...

I think this is the first video I watched about the -0-9 Vortex Math idea and when I got sold on it...because I can identify with it.

In my own experience, I go to the Void and sit in silence and prayer. Next, I receive and Intuitive Thought or a Sign from my quest... and from that I have a Mental Thought, which then leads to the Action and Birth of a New Idea in The Empress - which would be 3 or the 4th Card. This is the TRINITY - but with the VOID as Zero - the First Card from whence the Trinity of Manifestation comes.

0 through 90-3 Trinity 14, 5, 6 Trinity 27, 8, 9 Trinity 3Tree of Life
And then the rest of the Majors...

Problem #2:

My other problem with the Tarot, is that I cannot relate to the Lesser Arcana really because my whole life is lived in the Major Arcana.

My life is lived by reliance upon God, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All questions go to prayer. All answers come through intuitive thought and signs. I have attempted to live in the Lesser Arcana and all I got was The Devil.

Like Bob Dylan said "You gotta serve somebody" - so when I was living in the minor arcana without God, I served The Devil and that way of living became so abhorent that I had to learn Natural Law and live by IT - and I don't see any evidence of Natural Law in the Minor Arcana... except in the Aces, it is referenced by the hand coming out of the void with the manifested first thought - so perhaps that means that the ACE represents the Holy Trinity - Zero, High Priestess, Magician, and Empress in One card -

Not sure... but as it carries on it then becomes all about self-will...

Take for example, the suit of wands Trinity

The ACE is standing in as both the ZERO and the HIGH PRIESTESS (based on Zero-Nine), leading into the Magician- which is called 2 and rightly although it is mimicking the High Priestess with the 2 wands... it should be switched so that the 2 of the Lesser Arcana are actually mimicking the Magician...Or there has to be a Zero Card and a One Card in the Lesser Arcana -
I have not got this all sorted out yet... but what the el-ites have done here is they have set up the desired outcome of humanity to become a Masculine Hierarchical structured society in which we KILL OFF the Feminine - which is what we see here... AND we keep "God" or "the Universal Principle" or the "Spirit" separated from mundane life...

There is no ZERO card in the Minor Arcana - and what this has done to humanity is that has left God out of our daily mundane lives. This is by Design - to keep the Heart out of our actions -

From the Initial #1 it then becomes the self-will of "man"...
Hence, Skull and Bones - the left brain and the action - no heart... no Higher Power - the separation of Humanity from Nature leading into now - the "artificial intelligence" age which destroys us.

More to come...

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13.11.2019 16:42

Hai @intuitiveart! What a well considered list. I have to agree with you on many of these points and have quite a few others of my own, having worked with Rider-Waite Smith, as well as other systems of carding.

So many problems with the TAROT if one plays too much into the dogmas of the design. They're on stakes, hence the colorful tears of the trees spilt in ink as such. What is more interesting to me is how few can read the Major arcana to see how to jump out and why they're mostly only good TO RAT out the lies...but you have to have the distilled energy of self to have self pressed out of Narnia in order to "hear" what the cards are proving of the design. People who can only "read the cards by the book" leave much to be desired of a rich psychic experience...but Eye Am a psyop, so I have a big opinion about it and how these forms are used against hypersentience.

EyeAmNotSatoshiNakamoto #EyeAmTheDestroyer #TowerofBabel

13.11.2019 19:07

Thanks for your comments- eye love the reference to Narnia- land of my birth...Eye look 4 word to further discussion as Eye sea what more the Void has to reveal to me regarding this subject... eye like “to rat” out the lies...

13.11.2019 23:49

Psy-oping with the "tech tight" nerds Eye Am working with has been extra fun with things like "TORAT" cards and stuff like Magic 8 Ball and even the way my kids meow or bark...lately it's more stacked up with things like house noise, sirens and cars, thunder and rain, all of the "signs" that times have ended as we recognize how we descended amidst the lies that were printing themselves on specious testimony and sciences that can't hold up to what Zeropoint actually is.

We've been profuncted. And it's KO time where no child is ever beheaded, nor are we separated from the WON pure loving shared energy Source Code that is now excruciatingly obvious and ready to be super infused.

May the witness of the attempted suppressors be hilarity for those of us who deserve the healing that only a true LAUGH that lasts brings.

14.11.2019 20:25

Very interesting! This is the first time that I've read about this way of thinking about the Major Arcana. I'm not a card reader, I just don't relate to the tarot deck, but I do find this fascinating.

14.11.2019 07:47

@amberyooper - probably the reason you do not relate to it is because it is not TRUE - the way it is presented - it is actually a LIE the way they put the information out there - if you watch Lord Osiron's videos about the TRUE TREE OF LIFE you will find that the Dark Occult has put the information out falsely to throw us off... and to further their agenda for the world we are currently living in... one where they get to take us over from within by cutting out the HEART - by putting the Feminine Principle, 2nd, and destroying Her ... they laid the foundation for all that we are currently experiencing. If for example, our numeric system was 0, 2, 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9... things would be a lot different... It would show the duality that is the Void - that everything comes from Zero - which is a container of all things - God, if you will, the HUM whatever - and out of that comes Duality - Male/Female which becomes 1 - but is always dual... The Fool, The High Priestess who sits between the 2 pillars; Jhacin and Boaz - she being the 3rd pillar created from the combination of the 2, Dark and Light, in Qabbala and Freemasonry, and The Magician...Father, Holy Spirit, Son - the Trinity - which then Manifests through The Empress, 0+2+1= 3. But they switched it... and the way they made it is totally incongruous... so you cannot relate to it because of that...I would assert.

14.11.2019 15:56

+1 on the reply

Ever notice the 21/12 bitchslap of The World on the her_et_Eye_Sea to hop pages from bound books so that "King me" bastard steps off into his_tor_Y (bit_torrent much on baby bronze ages?) for that Ayhuasca (or in the "red dot place" 2M_Ush_rooms for _rent) "fools gold" yellow brick road journey off to the self-slaughter..?

ZeropointWitness is the proof of where the shredder is, even here on the False Ascension mission proofed on the stakes/steaks of #Monsters for Bethlehem... ParTY Ovester!

14.11.2019 20:04