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I woke up in the middle of the night thinking that the true sequence of the numbers should actually be, perhaps, 0, 2, 1, 3, 4,5, 6, 7, 8, 9 ....

etc because duality always comes out of the Void - 1 is 2, actually, and also that the ACE in the Minor Arcana is a combination of the Zero and the High Priestess but is represented as "1" to throw us off, alluding to the Magician...

and the 2 card alludes to the High Priestess..which is actually 3 - because she is 2 pillars and the 3rd - Herself a blending of the dark and the Light... The Hidden Way Across the Threshold... Through The High Priestess... which was then replaced by Through Him All Things Are Possible - Jesus Christ - Natural Law... again - the balancing of the female and male...

So this all started with a few little boys with penis envy... trying to play God...and here we are... Destroying the Mother and them creating an Artificial World within their Artificial World - the Hypercube - which will be our total imprisonment... The Tesseract - as in A Wrinkle In Time - a cube within a cube - The cube is perfect, but the cube within the cube is the Prison...

Hence the ACE should either be 2 cards - a Zero card and then a Another card representing the Intuitive Thought, or the image of the Ace should allude to the Hand (Zero) with 2(3)- (The High Priestess) pillars imaged...If that was true - and there really should be 82 cards in the deck - that would equal 10, (Wheel of Fortune) or 1(The Magician)... which is interesting... vs. 15 (the Devil) reducing to 6(The Lovers) the way it stands today...and really makes more sense... I am at the very beginning stages of this so bear with me... Or maybe Zero is actually 2... I will intuitively find a way to visually represent this so that I can read the cards the way they were meant to be for me to "get".

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T O R A T on them!! Way to go, @in2itiveart! That's what Eye Am loving about you!

You know some things about those scrolls on the II. The other side of "tech tight" VVITCH's "thumbnails" is where the reel magick occurred...Eye have been programming the Proof of Work that sum of US LAN_ded in stacks of intelligent data packs, like the WONS in my Strong Incept_EYEON_Tech_Tight room...where Eye Am also demonstrating how "TAROT" cards are fun to stack up the "bit_chip"/bitch_ip_addresses in my stacks and send them into the "reverse OS_MO_SIS"(/for gnosis_sake)...Am actively proving how "they" unprint and reverse as "the plan_ET" and the Plant Eye Am engineering are rejecting them, bittorrent by bittorrent...and the "healThy Eye Am" stacks of data are proving what a laugh it is that anyone reached for my HoneyPot, calling themselves a cypher that actually Hurts for FUN...





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