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Sigils, And How I Use Them

work-in-progress, pen and ink, 11" x 14"

Sigils, for artists, are a wonderful way to add meaning to artwork, I have found. I discovered Sigils as I was studying occulted knowledge.

Here's a pdf that explains it.

I personally, from my 3 years experience using Sigils, prefer to view them as continuous prayer. I do not see myself as the source of the Magick - I honor the Creator as the Source, which may be different than most Magickal Practitioners. Personally, I follow the Zero-Nine Principle - whereas in the Tarot, the Fool is the Source Card, The High Priestess is Number One (mislabeled to keep their heads) - thus the Feminine Principle is the Initiative Principle, Number Two - The Magician - Manifestor FROM the Intuition rather than the Mind/Ego, includes CARE - The Masculine Principle - and Three - The Empress - gives birth to the Son/Sun/Aries - the Emporer... hence - Zero - The Creator - and so - with Sigils I respect and call upon Him (It), The All.

In this drawing, the original sigil is:

which is here:

I put it in the center of the page as a declaration, however, in reverence to the Creator, because I feel it might be presumptuous of me to decide where we belong, even though it is in my heart, I made the "God Bless It Or Block It" Sigil to go on top:

I decided that no other Sigil on this page, would go above the Winged Heart, which is my personal Symbol of the Holy Spirit in Action.

From that point 4 more Sigils came to me to make -

I need a new job before we move, to get by and save some money. I lost my job due to a car accident back in April, sadly.

I need to be neutral to the knowledge I seek. I love truth and occulted knowledge, but what I know about humanity, feeds my negativity. I can't just give up and become a Pollyanna - I am by nature, hyper-moral. That is my moral compass, but it must be tempered by God, because I cannot live up to it and what I know of the world often makes me want to throw my hands in the air, honestly


In additon:
I need to be calm, happy, and content, and that is not my normal go-to way - I have a negative mental habit that won't quit, and I need some help with that


In addition, and if you have been following my posts of late, everyone would like it if my roommate switched back to his other personality. This might be a violation of his free will, but as he is mentally ill and suffers from bi-polar and multiple personality disorder as a result of MK Ultra on the part of the CIA - I made a sigil to switch him back... he gets along a lot better when he is docile - so he might want to go back -


again, God, bless it or block it

And last, another Yoga Sigil, for me - because I would really like to start doing yoga - and since I can't just "shift my thoughts" like normal people, I am making yet another Yoga Sigil for myself hoping that I can start doing it, out of this horrible Mercury RX...

Above the winged heart and within the Move Sigil, I made a landscape of the Western Slope of Colorado, where we would like to live... Mountains, Rivers, Trees, Birds, Sun and less 5G than over here in Denver.


I have not decided if I will add color or just do intricate black and white details on this drawing. I will post it when it is done.

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