Sigil To Stand On My Own 2 Feet, Final

Collage, Colored Pencil, Ink, & Oil on Found Wood 11" x 16"

I originally made this sigil
original sigil.jpg
back in August, because I was looking for a job again, after the car accident which took my car, my job and rendered me with 5 fractures to my also totally took my beautiful relationship out of the honeymoon period and brought it into real life - BOOM!

Since that day, I have been off-balance, and have various complications with regards to walking and standing - including sciatica. I have also lost my job and have been running out of money.

I wanted to regain my independence and my limberness. So I made that sigil. I also included a few more sigils in this painting - one for the sciatica -

And then one for my new job I got:
ysm.jpeg because the business is failing and I might be able to help save it... which might mean I would be able to stand on my own 2 feet financially...

I also put my old sigil for my relationship with my bff in there because reality has not been fun
and then one more for my pelvis because the healing is going slowly

Now the painting is hanging behind my computer so that my subconscious can see it every day and bring all these things into being with God's help. The sigils will help me align my will with the Higher Will, which wants me to be available to be of maximum service to my brothers and sisters.

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What Is A Sigil?

Why Do I Use Sigils?

I have a peculiar mental condition - it's partly my Astrology and partly a spiritual illness - I am weak willed. I change my mind constantly. I use sigils for things that I know that I want to have happen that I normally would change my mind 10,000 times about. They help me keep my mind aligned with God's will for me. I also use positive affirmations and mantras and I try to stay positive about what's going on in the world - like I add a statement every time I have see something about some horrible thing going on in the world, "but with God everything will be ok" - And that's my experience... because praying for help in every situation that is untenable brings a Supernatural Answer.

People Should Make Sigils Because They Work - And You Will Be Exercising Your Use of The 7 Spiritual Laws Which Govern The Universe, To Do So, Making You More Conscious And In Touch With Reality, Which, In Turn Will Help Turn The Tides.

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