Moving In With My Boyfriend Of 2 Years...Sigils I Am Making For That...Part 1

I decided I needed to finish this painting, with sigil's I will need to move in to BFF's house



This is because BFF just bought a smart TV 50" and got a new cable box which is probably streaming 5G into the all metal mobile home in which I am soon to live.

Oh well. I asked for the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. The Colorado Facebook Group of people "trying" to change 5G is a total joke. I am off Facebook and i have completely given up on working with other people to try to change anything in this New World Order world we are in. I just have to take care of myself and trust that God will protect me from this stuff or not. You gotta die of something.

That's the way it is. Nothing that I can do about this. BFF does not really know about 5G and being an electrician he is exposed to EMF's constantly and he believes God is protecting him and that is true, for him. I have no where else to go - no job due to the sciatica from the accident we had together last April rendering me unable to work now for 2 months...somehow getting by on the seat of my pants as usual.

Originally it was only this Sigil that I thought I needed.

I had done this drawing and totally regretted making it into a painting - because I loved the drawing so much...

But realized, I need the sigil...

Things with Schizoaffective Guy have settled down a little. He his new medication, coupled with the living room full of my stuff, has quieted him because he can see that I am, in fact, moving out.

But when???

My BFF seems to be balking at this - there are some unanswered questions about it. Is his son moving out? That would be my preference but I am not saying anything about it because it is none of my business. His son is a very damaged person. He is age 22 and seems to have no aspirations to do anything but what he is doing - which I would assume is probably gaming all night, going to church on Sunday and volunteering at a food bank - and probably partying in between...when he can secretly get away with it.

He bounces between his mom's house and his dad's. His dad needs to realize that letting son live there is not helping matters - even though it is winter time -

My lips are sealed about that. I hope the Pluto Saturn Conjunction and my BFF's sharp intuition will help him to figure this out for him.

As I was painting, I decided to include our Sigil -

this one is one I made for us in the beginning of our relationship - that our love is unified under God's will for us

And then I decided to make another one for me to move in to his house - because that is at a standstill. If his son doesn't move in, i might be able to use the room BFF was "setting up for him" as my studio -


But otherwise, there is hardly any room for me, and I was going to have to put my oil paint away and use only colored pencil, watercolor and pastel and even then that would be totally difficult in the situation i would be in. i am pretty sure BFF is freaked by my actually moving in. He says "You can stay here" but i am actually moving all my stuff to his property for storage and then

Moving in.

I have no where else to go.

So I made that sigil. I hope it will help move things along. i have told the Housing Authority and the VA that I will be out by the end of the month.

I include this in Tarot Tuesday because it is occult - using Sigils. Feel free to use the EMF sigil if you like. The more people that use a sigil, the more powerful it is.

What Is A Sigil?

Why Do I Use Sigils?

I have a peculiar mental condition - it's partly my Astrology and partly a spiritual illness - I am weak willed. I change my mind constantly. I use sigils for things that I know that I want to have happen that I normally would change my mind 10,000 times about. They help me keep my mind aligned with God's will for me. I also use positive affirmations and mantras and I try to stay positive about what's going on in the world - like I add a statement every time I have see something about some horrible thing going on in the world, "but with God everything will be ok" - And that's my experience... because praying for help in every situation that is untenable brings a Supernatural Answer.

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