Free Auragraph for A Steemian

tempera on paper, 18 x 24

The message for the Querant was clear and insistent and simple. She is to know that even when she feels burdened, exposed, threatened and like a failure, her Angel, Guardian, or God, has her in a safety net. The feeling I got was that the Querant has actually felt the net on her skin in times of trouble, but just needs that affirmed.

I tried to get other information from the other parts of the painting, but was told to leave it - because the Querant needs to see that her fears are merely shadows, specters of her own creation, and even if they are disembodied spirits or thoughtforms of others imposed upon her, all she needs to do is to turn away from the problem and think of God instead - think of Nature, Creation.

One thing she can do is to go deeper into meditation to find that physical feeling of the "net" and then she can ask for that in tough times.

In addition, helping others will ignite the fire of the Spirit and bring the Solution more quickly, getting out of self and focusing on the wellbeing of others will occupy the mind while the Resolution comes together.






I pulled this oracle card to begin with:
which means this reading has to do with her calling...the message of the heart to the world.

I am gm giving away free Auragraphs and Talismans through the ides of March.

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Greetings :)
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23.02.2020 00:52

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thank you!

23.02.2020 02:42

Did you want an auragraph?

23.02.2020 13:45

Thank you so much!! This is just amazing, I never expected it to be so powerful. I can't tell you how much I needed to hear this. Your word choices are so accurate when you describe ways I might have been feeling, and I used to really feel that connection like a literal thread that bound me to something greater, but more recently I have felt a lot more like it had slipped away, and have found myself wondering if it was really there. I've not had a proper reading before but years ago I had a friend who mentioned she couldn't really read my aura very well, all she got was white feathers which adds to how much your depiction here hits home.

I have been really struck by it being a net of knotted thread, as opposed to a basket or being carried in arms etc, as well as the initial canvas with the red tones of lines. I have always had a rough feeling of being bound by threads, but in a way that feels safe and protective, and often come back to the idea of a red thread that runs through all things connecting them.

I think there probably is a fair amount I need to turn away from, not give thought space to, the smallest things can cast a huge shadow if you bring too much light to them, and I think that is probably what I have been doing. Thank you, from the very bottom of my heart. I used to get such comfort from this notion and you have given me some of that back. I feel like I am starting to rediscovered a bit of myself I had thought was lost. I would be really grateful for a signil, I want to make sure I keep hold of this.

24.02.2020 09:57

Wow! This IS the most amazing response I have gotten yet! Thank you SO much. This is exactly what I needed to hear!!! Why I have been doing these in the first place...Holy Crap!!! Because in instances such as yours I would have been too afraid to really go with this type of drawing and reading that did not go with the normal way I do things - an say what I said because it is so specific and such a direct message -normally I would think I was making it up -

One thing I forgot to mention was that the net is green because they said that Nature helps you get connected also... It's a dark green.

I am going to use this whole comment in my testimonials if you don't mind...

And as for a sigil - talisman - I agree you should have this - so that you can strengthen your Will and your Spiritual Muscle so that you can stop doubting the connection and presence. I might use it also - honestly because that is my problem is that I doubt my connection and then go and "work" in the "worldy" jobs that just shut off my connection.

A good sigil would be "I have a solid strong physical connection to my guardian angel" or "I have a solid strong physical connection to God" or "I have a solid strong physical connection to the spiritual realm" - what do you think? Which one is best for you? We could also use your full name if you want to add in to it... or you can just say "I" - whichever you feel most comfortable with...
here it is with the net GREEN if you want to print that out... it's a fairly high dpi

24.02.2020 17:11

It is very much what I needed, I'm not always good at facing or admitting things otherwise. For so long now part of me has felt like I was making it up! To have someone else say it so exactly and unmistakably is amazing.

I actually wear a bracelet of twisted threads and shells/charms, I wanted to make a new one at the new year, but it didn't feel right, and I didn't have the right colors, I haven't included dark green in any previous one. I realized I used to have a much better connection with nature, and have been trying to spend more time outdoors, and like bringing that connection to nature back will help me feel more grounded and secure. This made me really want to make a new one so I will definitely be using dark green as the base <3

Not at all, please do :)

I have been wondering why its so hard to hold on to when it's so undeniable at times, and how I even got to feeling like it was lost to me but I suspect there is a similar element of needed to be more present in worldly things getting in the way.

I think "I" would probably work better for me than using my name, it feels more internal and intimate. Although I have never really been sure what to call it, I have tended to stay away from words like angel or god, but I don't know how much of that it a left over from being raised christian and feeling like the connection I have is worlds away from what I learnt about there. I would probably go for just "Guardian", or maybe even "you" but if you have a feeling something else would be right, go with that as I suspect my own uncertainly muddies the water.

25.02.2020 15:39

"1 have a solid strong physical, emotiona and spiritual connection to my Guardian" sounds good to me. You do want to be specific. There are plenty of negative energies out there that would happily jump in to a non-specific noun. It is easy to get away from the spiritual realm - in fact that is the agenda of the "world" is to keep us away from the spiritual realm - we would not be good consumers or wrecking the earth if we were connected. Your Guardian will never stray from you - that was the agreement they made with you before you came here - they may be your Higher Self if not a separate entity - The 4th dimension is non-dualistic therefore they do not judge you for straying - they just stay with you and help you as best they can. But you can do so much more if you deepen your connection to them or It. The sigil will help greatly as it will program your subconscious to align with your Higher Self and you will begin to deepen your relationship - asking more frequently for help. i will work on it today and then will provide a link to a post with activation instructions.

25.02.2020 19:32

Make sure you redraw symbol and find the letters of the statement in the symbol as I illustrated in the post...then hang your copies of the symbol around where you can see them daily...

26.02.2020 14:27

Thank you so much! I managed to give drawing it a go at the weekend. Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, I have had a blackout few days with a bad migraine. I love the design, there is something very Celtic and familiar/safe feeling about it, and as soon as I started trying to draw it each of the letters stood out. I need to do a few more copies to hang around my daily life, thank you <3

02.03.2020 11:22

Fantastic! So glad to hear- please don’t hesitate to share results... also maybe it will get you to start praying more- asking for help - then make sure to look for the answers in signs and coincidences, ... blessings!

02.03.2020 14:44