Free Auragraph For A Blocked Artist


The drawing is of You, The Querant, pondering with your right hand, the side of manifestation, and holding a snake’s tail in your left hand, the side of the Right Brain – connected to God and Art - that is wrapped around a bird, as we move up the picture from the bottom to top.

Behind is a landscape of mountains, a river, clouds and the Sun hidden somewhat by clouds. A river runs between the 2 mountains to an ocean behind you.

The snake is Transformation through Shadow Work and is clearly the message being sent regarding your block – it’s time to shed your skin–letting go of what you know that you are done with and letting a new skin show itself. The snake appears to be spitting water into the river – that comes from between the mountains. The Transformation of yourself will lead to a transformation of your work and will bring the living water from your past work into the new.

You climbed those mountains and surmounted them in the past, challenges that you faced in your work as an artist and you have a following now in that work - and you have been riding on what you found for a long time, but it is now time to renew yourself Spiritually and Artistically.

So now the clouds of confusion are blocking the Sunlight of the Spirit. You are attached to the old work because it has an audience – but you need to step into the unknown.

From the Shadow Work you will find new Living Water which will bring forth new subject matter from your Subconscious Mind.

The bird represents Freedom. The bird rises behind your head on the right side and is intertwined with the snake – Freedom will come from the Transformative work you do.

It is time to go deeper with your work, into your subconscious and pull out some new subject matter that will renew your Spirit.

Only you are going to be able to find this answer for yourself, however, I did ask for some deeper answers for which I did receive answers and suggestions below that might help you find your way.

I pulled 5 cards from the Oracle Deck.

Freedom – The Bird – that is what you seek – you are seeking freedom from the Block.


Sex – Are you in a relationship in which sex is being withheld? Or – you may just be missing your passion for art – and need to find a new passion – a new way to release...


Mother Earth – this card is about service to Gaia – the environment, to the Sacred Feminine. Your work is a lot using landscape – perhaps there is a new way to serve the Earth?

Summer – Abundance – the Apples are ripe on the tree... they feed all the forest with their nutrition - and then man comes along and gathers them up for sale - even the apples that rot feed the earth - the apple tree gives it's fruit away for free never worrying about how it will be "paid" - like the lillies of the field- God supplies it with rain, sun, nutrients... and the apple tree gives and gives and gives - not just fruit but shade and a place for birds and squirrels to live...

Self Will – using our physical force to make something happen.

Then I asked the Oracle -

What is the Block? Messages; Communication – Is there anyone that you need to speak to that you are not being entirely honest with? Have you caused harm and owe an amend? Have you been receiving intuitive messages to do something that you have not been willing to do? Have you received mail that disturbed you to your core?

What to do about it? Crossroads – It is time for you to make a change in subject matter.

What is the new subject matter? Intuition… Perhaps it is time for you to try some Intuitive Painting – since we are under Quarantine and can’t just run out and take a class - I would suggest meditation and prayer.

I do teach Intuitive Painting, and that is what I did for my block, 30 years ago - if you are interested once this Quarantine is lifted – or I would be happy to teach you before hand if you don’t care about the Quarantine – I personally don’t care about it – if that is something you are interested in… there are others who teach it as well – Aviva Gold is teaching it online – - this is not meant as a sales pitch at all - it came out of the reading so I am offering it -

OR just developing Intuition yourself… Intuitive Art – means doing art without any ideas to start with, – just painting and seeing what comes out of the painting – kind of like the Rorschach Test. Seeing what you see in the paint and pulling it out. This is a path to the subconscious through art and from the subconscious using Art to communicate – also “automatic drawing and painting” of the Spiritualists of the late 1800s and early 1900s. Asking the Spirit to guide your paint brush – Helma Auf Klimpt is one. You can read about these people and what they did...the Surrealists also experimented with this later, but it was started by the Spiritualists who were not artists perse.

Silent Meditation – moving slowly to 20 minutes per day, to develop the observer self and go into the silence. Find quiet mind but just trying to do it, is doing it. Starting simply with counting backward from 25 and seeing the numbers in your head and then moving into slowing your breath down to 4-6 breaths per minute is a very good form of meditation. Yoga helps with this – to breath into the painful spots in the body brings silence to the mind.

and Prayer which is the KEY to developing Intuition - prayer throughout the day. Ask God or whatever you want to call it – Spirit, to help you with everything you have to do throughout the day - and the looking for the miracles...Have you asked God to help you with the block?

Please let me know if you would like to receive a talisman to help you in this leg of your journey...

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