Another Sigil Embedded In The Painting About Standing On My Own Two Feet



The Sciatica did not go away- and now they are talking about me getting an MRI and all this rigmarole and I know that God can just fix this - so I am praying to be healed and doing Cobra Pose and some other exercises recommended - and I made this other Sigil just for good measure...

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Why Do I Use Sigils?

I have a peculiar mental condition - it's partly my Astrology and partly a spiritual illness - I am weak willed. I change my mind constantly. I use sigils for things that I know that I want to have happen that I normally would change my mind 10,000 times about. They help me keep my mind aligned with God's will for me. I also use positive affirmations and mantras and I try to stay positive about what's going on in the world - like I add a statement every time I have see something about some horrible thing going on in the world, "but with God everything will be ok" - And that's my experience... because praying for help in every situation that is untenable brings a Supernatural Answer.

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11.09.2019 04:59

thank you friends!

11.09.2019 14:11

thank you friends! Finally was able to vote for you as a witness - although this link you have here is not working.

11.09.2019 14:17

An infinite loop, I hope it keeps you standing upright for an infinite time. Good luck with your condition. When things are untenable that is a most unfortunate situation but have to keep trying to move forward don't we, what is the alternative?

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11.09.2019 07:15

oh it will work out...I am SURE of it... it always does...

11.09.2019 14:10


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