Why Staycation?

Because why not.

Getting that much deserved vacation needs preparation; the place, flight or bus schedule, accomodation and itinetary. But sometimes we have to have that needed relaxation in an instant (sort of). Hence, staycation is the answer.

As simple as booking a hotel or a resort thru your phone, you are all set for a quick (or a week) vacation. So how about considering staycation when you need a vacation?

Travelling is quite a hassle

Either travelling to another province or just visiting the next town, the long queue or heavy traffic is tiring. Instead of getting to relax, we get the unecessary stress.

Not enough time

Let's face it, our vacation depends on our bosses if we get our leaves approved (great for you if you have a superior who understand the need for you to relax once in a while). But even to most of us who have understanding bosses, we sometimes think of the work that would get piled up when we are not around (workaholic!).

Vacation with kids or elderly

Having kids or elderly can be a struggle. Packing tons of clothes, travelling and carrying multiple luggages (coming from the personal porter of my mother when travelling). Also, itinerary can't be too cramped with activities.

Amenities of the resort or hotel

Beach, swimming pool, gym or game room; these amenities are free to use. You can enjoy these amenities during the entire stay.


Had the whole pool to ourselves. You can see my sister-in-law and niece at the far end of the pool

Discounts on services

Hotels and resorts have spa services such as sauna, body scrub and massages. These services are discounted if you are checked in. Avail these services on your last night for that needed relaxation before going back to the norm of work-home.


Sauna! Best paired with a foot spa and whole body massage. Looking forward to another sauna sesh.

Drink and drop

The bar has a wide array of alcoholic drinks and cocktails to satisfy your need for "one bots" (refers to one bottle of beer or NOT. Haha.) or to get wasted. Fear not! Your room is within the vicinty. Just make sure you reach your door before you drop.


Drink and drop can be in your room. But where is the fun in that? Meeting other people and getting back in your room from all the alcohol consumed are half the fun.

Breakfast buffet

I don't know for most of you but breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I couldn't function well if I don't get to eat breakfast. Most hotels or resorts offer breakfast buffet for their giests. Unlimited coffee, fried rice, bacon, pancakes, dried fish, etc. The choices are endless. (salivating right now). This what makes waking up in the morning while on staycation extra special.

Alone or not-so-alone

What is best about it is you can go alone or with your friends or family. You can lounge all day in the room; watch movies and get room service or enjoy the resort's amenities.

I hope I get to entice you with some great things about staycations. Trust me that all of the stress-free  vacations I had were staycations.

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